CYKOM is a Danish business founded in 2016 and selling professional cyclists’ bicycles, gear and clothes. The company started with an idea about reducing waste and grew into a company of more than 20 people and with customers in over 75 countries.

Malthe Friis-Olsen

Business Operations Manager


“Today I use approximately 45 minutes on scheduling instead of 2.5 hours like I did before. This equals to a weekly saving of 2 hours and a full day of work each month.”

From a start-up to working with Tour de France 

Did you know that cycling 7km can save up to 1 kilogram in CO2 emissions compared to a car ride? Transportation is one of the biggest sources of C02 emissions with cars and trucks being the main polluters. By switching from a car to a bike, together we could contribute to saving 150g of CO2 emissions per each kilometre we ride our bikes. In Copenhagen, 9 out of 10 Danes own a bike and each year, the people of Copenhagen help reduce around 20 000 tons of CO2 emission by choosing their bike over a car.

We met with one cycling enthusiast, who took his own passion for sustainability and biking one step further. In 2016, Oscar Bjørn-Rosager decided to create CYKOM, a company that helps recycle and resell professional cyclists’ gear and bicycles.   

”I started the company in high school with no clear vision, but just the thought of wanting to make a change and making better use of all this great gear the professional cyclists could not use due to change in sponsor deals.”

Oscar Bjørn-Rosager, Founder and CEO, CYKOM

In 6 years, CYKOM has grown to a company of more than 20 employees and with customers in more than 75 countries. The company sells everything from professional cycling gear to bikes, manage many professional cycling teams’ e-commerce sites and organize physical pop-up shops at big cycling competitions like the Tour de France. 

Keeping track of your team  

For CYKOM it was clear from the start that they’d need a scheduling tool to keep track of the staff in the warehouse and their physical store in Copenhagen. After trying Planday they haven’t looked back. 

“For me, Planday gives a good overview of the schedule as well as attendance. I can easily see who has remembered to punch in and who has not, which is ultimately very important to know so we pay the correct amounts to the right people.”

Malthe Friis-Olsen, Business Operations Manager, CYKOM

As the team manager of both the warehouse and physical store, Malthe is responsible for making sure that employees get the hours they should and that they get paid accordingly. For Antoine, who works as a sales assistant in the CYKOM store, Planday makes it easy for him to keep track of which of his teammates he should be working with on a specific day. In the Planday app he can get an overview of who is on holiday, who is available to work and who might be scheduled with him but has not come to work.  

“In Planday I can easily see who is available for work and whom I should contact in case we need help in the shop instead of disturbing the ones on holiday.”

Antoine Falzone, Store Assistant, CYKOM

Save time where it matters

Tina Dideriksen works as the CFO of CYKOM and has a busy schedule with limited time and small margin for errors. For her, it is essential that the systems she works in save time, that the systems work well together and require minimal manual input from her.  By connecting their chosen payroll system, Salary, with Planday, CYKOM can sync time worked and run faster pay runs. 

“The main return on investment that we as a company have gotten out of using Planday and Salary together, is that my time is used as little as possible. Meaning things get done almost by themselves. Payroll calculations and data export to from Planday to Salary are done automatically, and that means a lot for us when the resources are scarce and expensive.”

Tina Dideriksen, CFO, CYKOM

Malthe echoes Tina’s statement about saving time and estimates that he uses around 45 minutes a week on scheduling with Planday, whereas he would use up to 2,5 hours on the same tasks before. This means that he is able to save up to a full day of work each month by automating scheduling with Planday.

CYKOM has aimed to outsource all tasks where they see that they can save time and money and Tina believes this is exactly what they have managed to do by using Planday and Salary together.  

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