All the features you’re looking for

Fast communication

Quickly text or message employees through the app

Accurate time clocking

Staff can easily clock-in for upcoming shifts from the app dashboard

Detailed schedule

Employees can see all the details of their upcoming shifts — right from the app

Shift swap

Workers can quickly handover, swap, or sell upcoming shifts

Availability preferences

Managers can see when their employees prefer to work and why

Vacation requests

Staff members can quickly request time off

Cut out managers as the middle-person

Our shift worker app lets you automate more of your processes. For example, if workers want to trade shifts or request time off, they can simply do so from the app, without having to ask a manager to coordinate the process. As a manager, you can also see each employee’s availability to work from the app, which makes it easy to create the right schedule the first time around.

Planday swap shifts feature illustration

Straightforward time clocking

Our time clock feature allows workers to clock-in from any device, but you can control where they’re allowed to clock-in from. In our system, you can create custom rules about where exactly staff can punch in from — whether it’s 400 feet from your business or only when employees are on your company’s wifi network.

You can also create custom rules for how early workers are allowed to punch-in for their shift from the application, which gives you more control over payroll costs.

Planday Punch clock feature on mobile

Quickly schedule shift work and communicate with staff

Our shift worker app makes it simple to schedule work shifts, communicate with staff, track working hours, and manage workforce tasks. The app is available on both Apple and Android.

Group message in Planday

Communicate and collaborate easily

Keep your team in the loop, even if you’re not at work. You can text, call, or email individual staff or employee groups. You can also send a message to all workers when they clock-in for their shift, so everyone is on the same page about any upcoming changes. Employees can also message each other from the application if they need a work shift covered.

Work from any device, anywhere

We understand that work happens away from your desk. That’s why our app allows you to work and schedule shifts from anywhere. You can add, edit, or delete a shift quickly. If you need a shift covered at the last minute, you can see which workers are available and assign them to a shift.

Our app operates on iPhone, Android, and iPad, so no matter where you are or which device you use, you can stay on top of your daily tasks.