Make smarter employee management decisions

Get more insight into your staff’s activity, so you can make smarter decisions about which employees should be working and when.

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Planday Feature

Spend less time on scheduling tasks

Planday lets managers choose how much autonomy their employees have, which saves managers time while still giving them control over their workforce.

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less time on scheduling tasks

Get work done from wherever you are

Our app allows you to schedule, communicate, and get work done from wherever. Planday works on both Apple and Android, so you can work from any device.

Communicate quickly and effectively

Communicating with employees can be challenging, especially when you might not be at work at the same time. Our platform makes it easy to connect with relevant employees at the right time.

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communication Planday

Get a comprehensive business overview

When you manage hourly workers, it’s easy to get caught up in day-to-day tasks. Our reporting features can help give you the business overview that you need.

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Business overview