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Planday is the one app to manage your team. You no longer have to check the schedule, employee files and email to manage your workforce.

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Employee groups and departments

If you have multiple locations or separate sections of your business (like front and back of house), you can use Planday departments to create independent schedules.

If your business relies on specialised employees, you can assign employees a skill. Then, only employees with those skills can claim a skill-specific shift. For instance, only employees you qualify as yoga instructors can claim yoga instructor shifts.

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Employee availability, absence and vacation management

Your team can request set their availability and request vacation time, which you can easily approve. You can also manage other types of employee absence such as accrued vacation, training or sick days inside Planday, giving you a full overview of their activity

Compliance with your rules

Your business might have policies about overtime or how much time workers need between shifts. Planday enables you to set up compliance warnings so the system automatically warns you when you’ve scheduled an employee for too many hours or shifts that are too close together.

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