Win a mental wellbeing masterclass from The Burnt Chef Project


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Win a mental wellbeing masterclass from The Burnt Chef Project


    Order’s up; the floor’s booked out, the kitchen’s hot and service is in full flow. The pressure’s on. Most of us think we can take the heat, but can we really? Over the last 12 months, 85% of hospitality team members have suffered from symptoms of poor mental health, including stress, depression and anxiety.

    We get into the hospitality industry to amaze people and give them an unforgettable experience. But we spend so long looking after everyone else, we can forget to take proper care of ourselves. Which has created a mental health epidemic in the sector.

    To get us back on the right track and teach us how to take better care of our teams, we’re offering two businesses the chance to win mental health training from the experts at The Burnt Chef Project.

    How to enter

    We love businesses that give a shift.

    So, if you want to be in with a chance of winning a three-hour mental wellbeing training session for your management team from The Burnt Chef Project, all you have to do is head to and pledge to plan your schedules ahead.

    By entering, you’ll also get reams of helpful content (like tips, guides and access to exclusive webinars) that’ll start you on your planning ahead journey.

    Sign the pledge before 2 June and you're in the draw.

    There are eight courses to choose from, focusing on different areas of wellbeing, including “Spotting, Managing and Preventing Burnout”, “Addiction in the Workplace”, “Inclusivity” and, naturally, “Mental Health Training”.

    You can find out more about all the courses and what they cover here.

    Looking for the small print? It's right here.

    What is The Single Biggest Shift?

    The Single Biggest Shift is our campaign for forward planning. And for life. By providing our teams with advance visibility into their schedules, their lives get immediately better. Because they can make plans with loved ones, develop new skills and properly relax. They’ll also have better financial health, as they’ll have better insight into what they’re bringing home, and be able to better control their cost of living.

    Planning rotas ahead creates happier, healthier teams, who are more developed as humans – and more likely to stay in the industry.

    It’s a small change that delivers huge results. It’s easy. It saves time, and it’s free.

    What is The Burnt Chef Project?

    The Burnt Chef Project is a not-for-profit, social enterprise dedicated to stamping out mental health stigma within hospitality. It provides the education, support and resources needed to raise awareness and tackle mental health stigma within the hospitality and leisure industries, and works to make the sector healthier and more sustainable by putting wellbeing first.

    Sign the pledge to plan ahead and enter the draw

    Planning rotas ahead is a quick, easy and free way of making your team happier and healthier. But it’s only the start of the story. One of the most requested workplace benefits team members ask for is better mental health support.

    Because working in hospitality can be full on. Long hours, inconsistent schedules and little insight into take-home pay all take their toll. By learning how to better support your team, you can help tackle these issues and eradicate mental health issues from the sector.

    Sign the pledge and promise to start planning your rotas further ahead, and you’ll be in with the chance of winning a team training session from the mental health pros at the Burnt Chef Project.

    Whether you win or not, we’ll send you everything you need to start planning your rotas weeks ahead, straight to your inbox.

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