The Single Biggest Update


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The Single Biggest Update


    On 25 March 2024, we unveiled the one thing you could start doing, today, that will make your team happier, healthier and more likely to stay with you for longer.

    Plan schedules further ahead.

    It’s The Single Biggest Shift you can make. And as part of our push to restore work/life balance, keep great teams together and make hospitality work for everyone, we asked businesses to pledge to plan shifts ahead. To commit to scheduling rotas in advance. To improve their team’s lives.

    It’s a big ask, sure. But right now, 69% of all hospitality teams get a week or less notice on their next working patterns. To help change this, we packed our website with the tips, tricks and guides needed to buck the trend and turn things around.

    One month in, how has the pledging push gone so far?

    It’s time to dive into the numbers.

    Businesses give a shift

    It seems The Single Biggest Shift has struck the right chord with everyone. Business owners and managers are embracing the movement and proving that their business gives a shift by signing the pledge.

    So far, 83 businesses have signed the pledge and committed to plan schedules in advance.

    And it’s not just the big names that are signing up – everyone’s getting involved. From tiny eateries to leading international brands, people are buying into the importance of the movement across the board.

    Because they can see the positive impact scheduling ahead has on their team, lives and, ultimately, their business.

    Taking pledges, improving lives

    Altogether, those 83 businesses employ 1,295 team members.

    That’s almost 1,300 people who now have a better idea of when they can see loved ones, more time to take up hobbies and upskill, and have better visibility into what they’ll be bringing home each month.

    And all of that has been achieved by making one small change.

    Weeks ahead of schedule

    On average, our pledgers have committed to planning at least 4.5 weeks ahead.

    Which could be a game-changing change. Because our data shows us that the biggest positive impact on teams comes when they get their schedule 22 days in advance. And our pledging pioneers have hit that mark, and then some.

    If everyone sticks to their scheduling ahead plan, their teams will be happier, less likely to call in sick and more present at work, too. Planning further ahead really does make life better for everyone.

    Scheduling for years

    And the really mind-boggling bit?

    We’ve only just got started.

    Are you ready to start your biggest shift?

    The Single Biggest Shift improves lives. It’s the small change that delivers huge results. It’s easy. It saves time, and it’s free.

    The hardest bit is simply getting started.

    And all you have to do is visit and you’ll find everything you need to start planning ahead, one week at a time. Who knows, you might be the next one to sign the pledge.

    Until next time.

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