How to attract and retain Gen Z in hospitality: Planday x Countertalk


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How to attract and retain Gen Z in hospitality: Planday x Countertalk

Thomas Dibble

Thomas Dibble

Jul 8, 2024


    Rightly or not, every generation gets labelled by the others. Gen X works “every hour under the sun”. Millennials are snowflakes. Boomers don’t “embrace” technology. Gen Z is lazy. These generational differences and stereotypes aren’t new – but they are perfect ground for debate and lively discussion. Because our (mis)conceptions of each other can create real conflict between team members.

    And unless we’re able to bridge the gap between generations, they could split the workforce entirely. Which could be catastrophic for the hospitality industry, as 53% of shift workers have immediate plans to quit. But why, what can we do to make our teams happier and with us for the long run?

    The always-hot issue of generational differences made for lively discussion and incredible insight at our recent panel event with Countertalk at the gorgeous White Horse in Mayfair, London. And you can catch up with all the chat, right here.

    Generational differences can be a charged issue; without considered communication, they can drive wedges between us, and deter people from entering the sector altogether. If we want our businesses and industry not only to survive, but thrive, we have to learn from each other. We have to embrace Gen Z, welcome them into our world and make changes instead of hiding behind the mantra “that’s how things have always been done”.

    Making change happen

    While Millennials were “advocates”, Gen Z is “assertive” and rather than being a tool for change, that assertiveness can make some industry veterans uncomfortable. This webinar is about bridging the gap between generations, and starting the conversations that will bring us together. And we’ve got to get it right, as 57% of Gen Z’s have plans to quit their job immediately, and 52% wouldn’t recommend working in the hospitality industry altogether.

    So how do we welcome a younger workforce who will ensure the future of our industry and foster positive change which benefits us all? The immediate solution could be as easy as planning shifts further ahead. The longer-term answer? That’s waiting in our free Planday x Counterlak roundtable. Catch up to get insights from the been-there-done-that pros that could help you start conversations in your own business.

    The pro panel

    Rebekah Billingsley – Head of Brand, Planday

    Merly Kammerling – Founder, Me, Myself in Mind /Founder, Well and Being

    Raj Markandoo – Operations Manager, Bubala

    Max Coltart – Partnerships, Countertalk & People and Culture Manager, Forza Wine

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