Is your hospitality business one of the happiest places to work? Planday x CODE


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Is your hospitality business one of the happiest places to work? Planday x CODE

Thomas Dibble

Thomas Dibble

Jul 10, 2024

What's on the menu?

    A happy team isn’t a “nice to have” in hospitality – it’s the secret ingredient to creating a team that stays with you (and in the sector) for the long run. Because our industry is all about people, and not only those that we serve. Behind every great hospitality business is a great, dedicated and happy team.

    At Planday, it’s our mission to make shift work more human. That’s why we’ve spearheaded The Single Biggest Shift (our campaign for better forward planning in the industry). But the best hospitality businesses don’t just plan ahead. They foster truly happy teams, who love what they do and where they work.

    To help champion those businesses and spread the word, this year we’re sponsoring CODE Hospitality’s annual Happiest Places to Work in Hospitality survey.

    We’re helping CODE spread the good vibes to even more businesses and highlight the best places to work in the industry. And it could be your turn to make the list.

    To find out if your business makes the grade, all you have to do is register your company and complete a quick, 10-question survey before Sunday 28 July, 2024.

    Then your results will be analysed by a panel of industry titans, including Planday, and the full list announced –and celebrated – later this year.

    What is the Happiest Places to Work in Hospitality survey?

    For the last six years, CODE has run the Happiness in Hospitality survey to champion companies and find out what makes their teams so happy.

    CODE’s mission is to promote hospitality as a variable career, shine a light on best employment practices and make sure the industry evolves for the better. That’s one of the driving goals behind the survey.

    How it works

    To take part, all you have to do is register for free. Then your team will be asked to take a short, five question survey about their place of work and how they rank these in terms of importance.

    The survey results will then be anonymised and assessed by some of the industry’s leading lights. The judges will produce a list of the Happiest Places to Work, which will be announced in the autumn.

    The Happiest Places to Work is open to all hospitality companies, including hospitality PR and suppliers. If you’d like to be considered, at least 30% of your team needs to complete the survey. The more team members who take the survey will help you get more accurate benchmarking data.

    The best bit? It’s free to register and complete the survey.

    Find out if you’re one of the Happiest Places to work in Hospitality.

    Why take the Happiest Places to Work in Hospitality survey?

    Get honest feedback

    Find out what you’re doing well (and what you could do better) with anonymised insights into your culture, straight from your team.

    Get the best talent

    Make CODE’s Happiest Places to Work 2024 list and you could attract the industry’s top talent to your business.

    Get your team recognised

    Shine a light on your team, within the hospitality industry and beyond as an employer with great culture and sustainable practices that make (and keep) your team happy.

    Get £150

    Complete the survey and you’ll be in with a chance to win a £150 restaurant voucher at a CODE venue of your choice.*

    The pro panel

    A diverse panel of some of the industry’s hottest pros make up the judging panel. They’ll asses all your (anonymised) data, feedback and then compile the Happiest Places to Work 2024 list. Who are our pros? Great question.

    Will Beckett – Co-founder & CEO, Hawksmoor

    Pru Stamp – Head of People & Culture, Urban Leisure Group

    Queena Wong – Founder, Curious Vines

    Lorraine Copes – Founder & CEO, Be Inclusive Hospitality

    Jun Tanaka – Chef patron, The Ninth

    Clerkenwell Boy – Consultant & content creator

    Chantelle Nicholson – Chef patron, Apricity

    Thom Elliot – Co-founder, Pizza Pilgrims

    Adam Hyman – Founder, CODE Hospitality

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