Workforce Planning Software

Planday’s workforce planning & scheduling software gives you greater flexibility and efficiency for better workforce management within your business.

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Collaboration with your workforce

Planday can drastically increase collaboration between you and your workforce. Staff can inform you about their shift preferences and availability, so you can create your work schedules quickly and easily taking into account the availability of your workforce.

Engaging your workforce

Allow your employees to liaise between themselves to request and negotiate shift swaps without you getting involved in the administrative process. All you need to do is to review and approve, giving you ultimate control over the schedule while actively engaging your employees in the roster planning process, resulting in a satisfied workforce that can help take your business to new heights.

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Workforce compliance

Planday accounts for any workforce restrictions you may have, including mandatory rest periods or number of hours staff can work during a shift, ensuring your business stays compliant with employment regulations.

Effective management of resources

With Planday’s revenue forecasting you can easily see when you are going to need larger numbers of staff to serve your business’ needs. You can also scale down your workforce on days where there is a clear reduction in business, saving on staffing costs where possible.

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Workforce management wherever you are

Being able to create or add an adjustment to the duty roster whilst out of the office on the move or at home is what makes the management of your workforce planning so flexible. Simply make the changes and publish them so that everyone within the business gets immediate access.

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