A Work Schedule App that suits everyone

Effective and efficient employee work scheduling with Planday’s work scheduler.

Drag and drop your ideal work schedule

Creating your work schedule in advance takes careful planning and collaboration between managers and employees to ensure the rota is filled to meet the business needs, while at the same time taking employee availability into consideration. This is further complicated by employees requesting time off due to holidays or illnesses, often at the last minute.

Planday’s work schedule software changes all that.

Now, instead of having to update spreadsheets with last minute changes, Planday enables you to simply drag and drop new shifts into your work schedule.

Additionally, if you have a schedule that works for your business, there’s no need to waste time creating it from scratch week in and week out. Instead, Planday lets you simply copy same work schedule over to the next week.

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Planday’s effective work scheduling solution

Planday serves as an employee management hub where all the information you need about an employee, including work history, timesheets and payroll, are all available in one place.

Because each employee can easily and quickly notify you of their availability, you can easily and quickly create a work schedule that suits everyone while at the same time ensuring the efficient running of your business.

Stay in control with the Planday app

Planday’s work schedule software is available online, making it easily accessible for anyone, anywhere, at any time. Through our app, your staff can keep on top of their work schedule, swap shifts as well as see any shifts that their colleagues are wanting to swap, meaning you don’t have to waste precious time coordinating on their behalf. And don’t worry, you’ll still be in control with ultimate approval so you can be sure that a swap doesn’t negatively impact upon your work schedule.

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Get a comprehensive overview of your business

Keep your eye on staff costs with Planday’s revenue forecasting so you can make sure you always have the right amount of employees where and when you need them most.

Planday’s comprehensive work schedule overview helps you calculate expected payroll costs, assisting you in making better business decisions in terms of staff hours, overtime and time off.

Work scheduling on the go

Planday’s work scheduling app is compatible with both Android and iPhone, so you will no longer be tied to the office pouring over spreadsheets to create your work schedules. Instead, make amendments and communicate with your team on the go through the Planday app.

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