Staff rostering software that saves you time

Tired of spending hours creating the perfect roster? Use Planday to quickly create rosters both you and your staff will be happy with the first time around. Our staff rostering software ensures you and your employees are on the same page at all times.

Staff rostering is a breeze with our simple drag and drop function

Publishing a staff roster weeks in advance takes careful planning and a lot of cooperation between managers and staff. The last thing you need is to spend hours working on a clunky roster in a spreadsheet, ensuring you have taken everyone’s needs and requests into account, only to have one annual leave request mess up your entire roster.

Planday makes those roster nightmares a thing of the past: we have conflict-free scheduling that automatically takes staff’s holiday and days off into account, so all you have to do is to drag and drop your employees’ shifts into your staff roster.

If you have a staff roster that suits your business, there’s no need to waste time creating it from scratch. Instead, Planday lets you simply copy same roster over to the next week. You can also create a roster template, and apply it to any period of time you’d like, which can save you hours on rostering.

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Group employees by skills and department

Planday lets you group your workforce based on their skills, as well as by the departments they work in. Not only does this make it easier to ensure the right staff member is on the right shift, but you can also quickly see whether you are short of skilled workers within a particular area of your business, enabling you to quickly and effectively manage your workflow.

Everyone can access the roster. Instantly.

As a manager, Planday gives you the best of both worlds: employees can swap their shifts and find replacements, but you have ultimate approval. That gives you control over the roster while allowing staff the flexibility they need.

Since Planday is updated in real-time, your staff no longer have to wait for you to post the roster to see their upcoming shifts. With the Planday app, employees can access the roster instantly from their mobile phone anywhere, anytime.

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No more nightmares over employment rights and restrictions

Planday takes into account any work restrictions you may have, such as rest times or number of hours staff can work during a specific shift, reducing the likelihood of any accidental oversights and ensuring your business stays compliant with employment rights restrictions.

Stay on top of holidays and time off requests

Once you have approved a staff member’s holiday or time off request, it will not be possible to inadvertently add them to the roster, letting you quickly create your schedules while taking employee availability into consideration.

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