Together with our partners and integrations, we make running your businesses straightforward and smooth



Sage 50 payroll is software designed specifically for small to medium businesses. By using Planday, your payroll data can be structured in a fixed format that can be imported into Sage 50 - making the payroll processes painless. Are you an accountant? Then you can easily access all your Planday clients payroll data ready to run the payroll.


Planday Integrates to Micros 3700, NCR Aloha, Maitre’D, POSitouch, Dinerware, or InfoGenesis through Omnivore. This integration automatically imports your revenue data into Planday, which makes it possible to view your schedule, employee management, revenue, and business costs all in one place. With the integration you can compare your payroll costs to your revenue, so you’re able to create a schedule that works best for the financial health of your business.


Institute of Hospitality

The Institute of Hospitality is the professional body for individual managers and aspiring managers working and studying in the hospitality, leisure and tourism industry. Planday has partnered with IoH to offer our customers in hospitality with expert knowledge of the industry.


WMT provides businesses with accounting services, compliance, and business consulting. Planday has partnered with WMT to offer an easier payroll and tax service and to provide HMRC-compliant tronc schemes.


CIMSPA offers its members in the fitness and leisure industry leadership, support, advice, and continued training. Planday and CIMSPA have partnered together to offer CIMSPA members a Planday discount.

British Hospitality Association

The BHA is a thought leader in the hospitality and foodservice industries. They provide education, news, discounts, and an engaged community for their members, in order to ensure British hospitality and tourism is competitive. Planday has partnered with BHA to offer their members a Planday discount.