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Retailers today often use outdated and impractical scheduling tools that have little capacity for change, such as Excel spreadsheets, but our product makes these spreadsheets redundant through our smart schedule templates, insightful staff data, time-tracking and costs acumen. You can create your schedules based on staff skillsets, such as warehouse worker or till assistant, quickly see who is available and through our communications function everyone in the business can easily contact one another.

Planday Feature

Efficient scheduling

Create, design and store your schedules and include skillsets, workplace rules and cost calculations so that you end up with the perfect schedule.

Overview of your retail business

Our easy-to-use UI and reporting functionality provide retailers with key insight into payroll, salary costs and important staff data, so that you can action the changes that are required.


Send important messages to your team at any time, let staff organise shift swapping amongst themselves and have all your communication in one place to avoid confusion prior to a big sale.

Time tracking

With the easy clock-in and out feature which works through our app, you as a manager, can set specific location and time-based rules for staff.

Our app is free to download

Planday works on both Android and iOS, so that everyone in your store(s), both staff and management, has instant access whenever they need it.

Absence, holiday and payroll

Enjoy easy and direct access to staff availability, absence and holiday requests. Additionally, you can integrate Planday data directly into your payroll system.


Management can approve time sheets, input revenue for the day and manage who's on the schedule, giving employees and management near-instant access to updated information

GABRIEL MORENO, Regional Manager at CeX

Read, write and be informed

Retail can be turbulent, having more volatile staff turnover than other industries, which is why it is so crucial to be able to adapt without this affecting the daily running of your store(s). At Planday we are strong believers that this trend is countered by happy and engaged staff which also makes for a better in-store experience and higher productivity and as such we’ve created our messaging functionality. In our app, management can grant staff more responsibility by letting them swap shifts amongst themselves through the messaging function which in turn offloads management. Check the schedule, see who is available and reach out to them ahead of a busy sales weekend where additional cover is needed.

Planday Feature

Intuitive scheduling

In any retail business the schedule is one of the key pillars that represents structure and organisation and provides a point of anchorage for both staff and management. Our scheduling software takes holiday, salary, skillsets, availability and more, into account when you’re creating your template. As a manager it’s effortless to implement changes, whilst staff can easily check the schedule via PC, tablet or mobile phone – all this available through our easy-to-use UI.

Planday Feature

Clock in and out – anytime, anywhere

With our clock in and out feature you will have a clear overview of the hours that your staff works. If your retail business has multiple locations, don’t worry, as you can set up specific location and time-based rules so that staff is only eligible to clock in at a certain location and from a certain time. As a manager you can also send automated messages to staff once they clock in, and likewise staff can add comments to the manager – ensuring that everyone is on the same page.

Planday Feature

Overcome your costs

Is the disparity between stock purchases and salary costs in the warehouse out of proportion, or do you need more staff to handle the tills to increase the number of customers that can be served? With Planday’s reporting function you can gain key insight into your expected turnover, salary costs, holiday requests etc., which means that when you create your schedule template you can consider the most important findings from the reporting functionality to ensure that your retail business is as competitive as possible.

Planday Feature