Staff management for the healthcare industry

Planday offers an easy-to-use workforce management platform with all the functionality you need, including scheduling, communications, time tracking, vacation and absence management and payroll calculations. With our technology and highly responsive customer success team, Planday helps care providers to operate more efficiently, streamline staff management and planning processes and help improve employee engagement.

Healthcare Rota Schedule

Scheduling and rota management

Build staff rotas across multiple sites or departments easily, using templates, work hour rules and cost calculations.

Employee communication

Keep everyone connected and informed via news feeds, team messaging and notifications.

Time tracking

Track time in and out via our free smartphone app that allows employees to clock in only when they reach the scheduled work location.

HR and skills management

Use skill-based scheduling to ensure you have the right staff members in place for the required tasks.

Compliance and certifications

Register and track qualifications and certifications and stay compliant via expiration warnings.

Reporting and integrations

Connect Planday with the other tools you use for improved reporting and simplified HR and payroll workflows.

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Manage your healthcare staff

It can be challenging keep track of healthcare staff, and especially keeping track of their qualifications, certifications and personal information. With Planday you can keep all employee information in one place, and it's easy to keep track of your staff and if they have qualifications or certifications that are due for renewal. Planday is fully GDPR and ISO 27001 compliant.

Planday people in app

Scheduling for care home staff

At the heart of Planday sits an industry-leading staff scheduling tool that allows you to organise your care staff by skills, location and job role. Accessible from desktop or app, everyone has the tool they need to stay on top of their schedule. Planday offers the tools you need to stay compliant, and ensure that staff follows rota patters that ensures that the absolute best care is delivered.

Planday schedule on mobile and desktop

Communication and collaboration

Gathering all staff communication in one place will save you time, and make it a lot easier to ensure everyone is up to date, and that they have the right information available. In healthcare, efficient communication among staff members can have a great impact on the wellbeing of those under your care.

Planday Feature

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No modern software solution for the healthcare industry without a mobile app. Planday’s app is available for iOS and Android and there’s also a standalone app for the iPad for clocking in and out.

Track time with Punch Clock

Use Planday's time clocking feature to easily track hours worked. Locations can be easily set up that verify the employee is where they should be. It will also help you save time on payroll calculations, including rounding rules and exception reporting.

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