Your business might have policies about overtime or how much time workers need between shifts. On our platform, you can set up compliance warnings so the system automatically warns you when you’ve scheduled an employee for too many hours or shifts that are too close together.

Planday Feature

Employee groups and departments

If you have multiple locations or separate sections of your business (like front and back of house), you can use departments to create independent schedules.

If your business relies on specialized employees, you can assign employees a skill. Then, only employees with those skills can claim a skill-specific shift. For instance, only employees you qualify as yoga instructors can claim yoga instructor shifts.

Planday Feature

Tailored employee directory

Set which contact information and employee details are available for your staff to be able to see when they go the employee directory. This allows you ensure everyone is connected while staying compliant with relevant data protection such as GDPR.

Absence and vacation management

Employees can request vacation, which you can easily approve. You can also manage other types of employee absence such as training or sick days inside the Planday system, giving you a full overview of their activity.

Planday Feature

Documents, contracts and electronic signature

Planday is the perfect place to securely store and manage important documents that relate to employees such as right to work certificates that can be set up with expiration warnings. You and your employees can electronically sign any binding documents such as contracts, and all data is protected by our commitment to security as demonstrated through our ISO 27001 accreditation.

Employees can also have important documents available at their fingertips through the Planday web portal and Planday App, including their payslips and employee handbook.