Make smarter team schedules

By using Planday’s employee scheduling software, you can dramatically reduce the amount of time you spend making a schedule by automating more of your processes and empowering your staff.

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Staff Management

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Weekly, fortnightly and monthly overview

Once your schedule is in place, you can use it to get a snapshot of your weekly, bi-weekly or monthly outlook. See the number of hours each employee is scheduled to work and the salary they will be paid for those hours.

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Build intelligent, compliant schedules

With knowledge of your demand patterns, the skills each employee has, their contracted hours and any work regulations in place, Planday helps you rapidly build a smart schedule. This means everyone is in the right place at the right time and eliminates the risk of falling into non-compliance. You can also calculate the cost of the schedule to optimise your staffing levels.

Compliance with your rules

If you already have a schedule that works for you, you can save it as a template. Then you can use your template as the foundation of your weekly schedule and adapt it to fit the needs of each week. This means you can schedule shifts in advance while streamlining your scheduling processes.

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