Build intelligent, compliant schedules

With knowledge of your demand patterns, the skills each employee has, the hours they are contracted for and any work regulations in place, Planday helps you rapidly build a smart schedule, meaning everyone is in the right place at the right time, and eliminates the risk of falling into non-compliance. Planday also calculates the cost of the schedule, allowing you to optimise staffing levels accordingly.

Create new levels of flexibility for your staff

Planday allows you to publish ‘open’ shifts for specific roles which are made available to employees with the skills required to fill the shift, and allows them to request it. This can significantly reduce absenteeism and improve the customer experience by increasing the chances that employees want to be there.

Employees can offer or swap their shifts with colleagues with the same skillset, giving them a new level of control over their time, all kept under control by manager approvals.

Employees can also set their availability within the app to avoid being scheduled a shift that they know they won’t be able to take.

Employee availability in schedule Planday

Schedule templates

If you already have a schedule that works for you, you can save it as a template. You can then use your template as the foundation of your weekly schedule, and fine tune it to fit the needs of each week. This makes it possible to schedule shifts in advance while streamlining your scheduling processes.

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