Punch in an out via any device

With Planday’s punch clock, employees are able to start and end their shifts and breaks using their own iOS or Android device.

In addition, Planday’s tablet Kiosk app can be used on-site to allow employees to easily select themselves and sign-in with their secret password.

Planday App showing punch clock

Track hours accurately

Planday compares the punch clock times with the scheduled start and end times and allows rounding rules to be configured to reflect your business policy.

In addition, employees can be prompted to explain why they are early or late if you require, so you can make informed exceptions. At the end of the period, shifts can be approved for payroll and Planday can further process the data to integrate directly with your payroll system or via a custom CSV format.

Location-specific time tracking

As a manager, you can set up location-specific clock-in rules, so employees can only clock-in through the app if they’re actually at work. You can create custom location rules, so you decide if an employee can clock-in when they’re 400 feet away, or only if they’re connected to the company wifi.

Export timesheets to payroll

Once a worker has punched in and out, you can approve the final hours that were worked, which gives you an oversight of hours worked and payroll costs. After you’ve approved a timesheet, simply export it to your payroll provider.

export to payroll

Kiosk App for iPad

Set up a Punch Clock station in your workplace with our Kiosk App - made specifically for iOS/iPad. Staff can punch in and out quickly and easily, without the need for a static IP address.

Planday Kiosk App iPad