Employee Punch Clock App

  • Clock-in through the app
  • Location-specific timetracking
  • Kiosk app for iPad
  • Export timesheets to payroll
Location screenshot from app
Four square set up into one square grey
Four square set up into one square colour


A square with a circle in the upper right corner
A blue square with a red circle in the upper right corner


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Staff Management

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Calendar icon


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Punch Clock

Three graph bars with different values
Three graph bars with different values


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Black and blue arrow icon arranged in opposite directions


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Punch in-and-out via any device

With Planday’s Punch Clock, employees are able to start and end their shifts and breaks using their own iOS or Android device.


As a manager, you can set up location-specific clock-in rules, so employees can only clock-in through the app if they’re actually at work. You can create custom location rules, so you decide if an employee can clock-in when
they’re 400 feet away, or only if they’re connected to the company wifi.

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Track hours accurately

Once an employee has punched in and out, you can approve the final hours, which gives you an overview of the hours worked and your payroll costs. After you’ve approved a timesheet, simply export it to your payroll provider.

A calendar

Planday automatically compares the Punch Clock times with the scheduled start and end times, and allows rounding rules to be configured to reflect the policy and values of your business.

Screenshot from Planday's app - "kiosk has been set up"

Set up a Punch Clock station with our Kiosk App

As an addition to employees using the app, Planday’s Kiosk App for tablets can be used on-site to allow for a fast and more convenient sign-in, using a secret password.

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