The problem: Tedious Manual time clocking

Keeping track of the hours employees work can be one of the most time-consuming and manual processes for a supervisor. You have to rely on workers recording their own hours, then account for any errors, like staff forgetting to clock out. At the end of each pay period, managers then have to count up hours, subtract breaks, and cross reference hours worked with scheduled hours. This process is time-consuming for supervisors, ripe for errors, and doesn’t allow staff any insight into what they’re paid for.

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The solution: Time clock software

Supervisors can save time counting up hours by using a time clocking app. The app makes it easy for managers to see how much each employee worked on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. This not only gives managers a high level overview of how much each staff member is working, it also makes it easier to export those hours to your payroll provider.

This gives managers a complete overview of who likes to work when, so they can take as many requests into account as possible. However, as a manager, you can still schedule workers when they’re not available. Overall, this makes it easy for managers to create a shift calendar that accommodates employees' personal lives as much as possible — making a more positive, personal work environment.

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Communicate when employees clock-in

Our time clocking software also serves as a communication touch point for both managers and employees. As a manager, you can send all workers (or specific groups of employees) an update when they clock-in. That makes it easy for supervisors to keep everyone on the same page — even if you don’t work the same hours as your staff.

Staff members can also communicate with managers when they clock-in by adding a comment to their punch clock entry. This makes it easy for managers to see why a worker was late or why they worked overtime.

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More timesheet control for managers

While the time clocking app is designed for employees, managers still have ultimate admin control. Employees can punch-in from any mobile device, but supervisors can decide where they’re allowed to clock-in from.

Managers can set up location-specific rules for the time clock app — so managers can decide if workers have to be within a certain distance of work before clocking in, or connected to the workplace wifi. This ensures members of staff are actually at work when they begin their shift. Supervisors can also control how early an employee can punch-in, giving you more control over payroll costs.

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A timeclock app employees love

As a manager, you know that if processes aren’t straightforward and simple, then staff members will struggle to follow them. That’s why our time tracking app is designed specifically for workers, so it’s easy to use. Employees can use the time clocking app on both their iPhone, Android, or tablet, so they can punch-in from any device. If an employee has an upcoming shift, they can easily punch-in directly from the app dashboard.

Quickly export timesheets to payroll

Before exporting timesheets to payroll, supervisors can still approve individual shifts, so if an employee forgot to clock out or something is amiss, supervisors can easily correct it before sending it to payroll. When it comes time to pay salaries, all you have to do is export your timesheets to your payroll provider.

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