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Streamline your costs and reporting

It is hard to make good decisions when situations are changing almost daily. But with real-time reporting on all your integrated systems, you can take the guesswork out of staff planning and management. Combine your data to make better choices now.

Flexibly manage shift swaps and changes

As the situation with COVID-19 changes rapidly, businesses need to be as quick and agile as possible, understanding that staff demand and availability can change in an instant. Get our tips on managing this quickly and simply.

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Quick templates to manage unexpected changes

No two days are ever the same – even more so in the coming days and weeks, but using templates will help you get a head-start on whatever changes are thrown your way. Have a look at how some of our templates can help you schedule smarter.

Trigger notifications to instantly alert your employees

When things change quickly, it is vital to keep your people informed. Planday lets you send notifications and updates to your staff quickly, with notifications to make sure everyone gets the message at the same time.


Communicate with everyone in one go

It is more important than ever to make sure everyone is informed and no one misses any message. Planday helps you communicate with all your employees in one go.

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