Talking about it: raising mental health awareness in hospitality


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Talking about it: raising mental health awareness in hospitality

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    We know we need to take care of ourselves. That we should move more, drink less, eat better. But we tend to overlook our mental wellbeing. Especially in hospitality. It’s time to buck that trend, turn things around and start a conversation. Because over the last 12 months, 85% of hospitality workers have experienced symptoms of poor mental health.

    That’s why our very own Global Marketing Director Rebekah Billingsley teamed up with The Burnt Chef Project founder Kris Hall to discuss the topic on the Tech on Toast Podcast with Chris Fletcher.

    Because the hot, fast pace of hospitality can take its toll on any team member’s mental health. Long hours, demanding customers and a lack of work/life balance are day-to-day experiences for lots of people working in the sector. But they shouldn’t be. It’s time for us all to prioritise mental health awareness and start building supportive, inclusive workplace cultures.

    By providing mental health resources, training and support programs, we can help team members cope with stress and improve their wellbeing. To build a healthy work environment, we need to encourage open communication to destigmatise mental health issues and promote self-care practices.

    Tune in to catch up

    Over the episode, the duo discussed:

    • How planning can help you overcome hospitality’s retention crisis
    • The shift towards a better work/life balance
    • How, with the right tools, scheduling ahead can be as easy as a couple of clicks
    • That the right shift scheduling solution can boost productivity
    • Why we need to support and promote a supportive workplace culture
    • That we need to embrace change to be successful in the future
    • Why redeploying our workforce resources is vital

    It was an eye-opening episode, packed with useful insights that you could put into action today. Want the story straight from the horse’s mouth? Listen to the chat, for free.

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