Planday to be acquired by Xero


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Planday to be acquired by Xero

Christian Brøndum

Christian Brøndum

Mar 3, 2021


    Planday to be acquired by Xero

    We have today announced Planday will be acquired by Xero Limited, a cloud-based accounting software platform for small businesses with 2.45 million subscribers globally. 

    Planday and Xero

    We are beyond excited for this next step in Planday’s journey. 

    Our mission is to make our customers’ day work, and make life easier for both employers and employees. This mission fits perfectly with Xero’s passion for small businesses, for people, for growth and for communities. 

    We’re looking forward to working within the Xero family to build a strong launchpad for businesses and employees to manage their time and reach their joint potential in life and in business. We will continue to operate our ecosystem and partnerships freely. That also means we will uphold our commitments to all accounting and payroll partners.

    Planday already integrates with Xero through its app marketplace in the UK, as well as other accounting solutions and third-party workforce-related apps, to deliver a real-time view of staffing needs and payroll costs, alongside key business performance metrics. 

    At the same time, employers’ compliance burden is growing, creating the need for tools to manage workforce flexibility and regulatory compliance, accurately calculating wages, which are often their biggest expense. 

    Planday helps to address the changing nature of work, with employers and employees increasingly adopting flexible arrangements.

    What this means for you

    Day-to-day, our operations will not change that much. The people you talk to at Planday today are the people you will speak to tomorrow and into the future.  

    We are thrilled that a company with values and a culture so aligned to our own — and a similar background — has invited us on a journey to improve our offerings, continue to support businesses like yours as you hit your goals and enable the people in your business to do their best work. 

    Planday will operate as a Xero subsidiary and continue to focus on serving small and medium businesses and enterprise customers. Following the acquisition, we will work closely with Xero to expand our presence into other markets where it operates, supporting its long-term growth plans.

    Why Xero sees Planday’s potential

    A time saver for employers and employees

    Planday relieves business owners of one of their most time-consuming tasks: adjusting rosters and tracking employees’ time. Workers enter their availability, swap shifts and record hours through a mobile app. 

    Employers and employees can stay in touch through Planday’s communication function and messages can be broadcast to an entire team. As a messaging app, Planday modernises shift work and enhances flexibility. 

    Planday also simplifies compliance. It identifies employees by pay category, logs accrued leave, calculates overtime, and generates supplemental payments – while ensuring wages are updated to reflect local regulatory compliance. 

    Planday and advisory

    Planday is a powerful platform when combined with Xero or other accounting and business solutions. It can deliver a real-time picture of labour costs versus key operating metrics such as revenue. This allows a business to adjust staffing levels as trading conditions fluctuate, and gives advisors greater insight into a client’s operations. 

    Planday also supports advisors’ compliance needs by creating a data trail for the related bookkeeping and HR services they provide to clients.

    As small business plays a big part in the reemergence of the economy after a difficult economic period, both Planday and Xero want to make life better for customers, so the benefits have the potential to extend well beyond small business to their families and communities. 

    We look forward to working with Xero on this mission today and in the years to come.

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