Planday and Azets partner to reduce admin time for small and medium-sized businesses


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Planday and Azets partner to reduce admin time for small and medium-sized businesses

Philip Wylonis

Jul 2, 2021


    Planday and Azets partner to reduce admin time for small and medium-sized businesses 

    No matter what your business does, Planday makes your day work. That’s why we are constantly building an ecosystem of partnerships and integrations to make it easier for you, your staff and your advisors to focus on what really matters. 

    So we are excited to announce our new strategic partnership with Azets. It will provide small and medium-sized businesses with an all-round solution that reduces admin time and the risk of error while also boosting flexibility for the staff who work in them.  

    Starting 23 June for customers in Denmark and Sweden, this strategic partnership will help enable you to increase flexibility, reduce admin time and reduce risk for errors in running payroll 

    Philip Wylonis, Planday’s Director of Partnerships, spells why now is the time to connect your systems. 

    “The past year of the pandemic has clearly shown that digitising as many systems in your business as you can is not only the way forward, it’s what your staff and your customers expect,” Philip says. 

    “It’s essential to access key employee information and financial data quickly and easily so you can respond in real time."  

    “By using Planday with Azets, we can provide the necessary and verified data from company and employee rostering to make sure your payroll is correct.”

    By integrating systems and taking the guesswork out of business admin, Jørgen Bærentzen – Head of Marketing and Partners at Azets – says many businesses are already seeing a benefit. 

    “Our customers want solutions that are both user-friendly and minimise the time they spend on day-to-day administration,” he says. 

    “In the end, it's just a matter of being able to use your resources where they are most needed and can create the most value for your business.  

    “And I think we can all agree, that’s not on administrative tasks.” 

    Proud to build the ecosystem that works for you  

    We’re proud of the community we’ve built at Planday through our network of partners and are looking forward to working more closely with Azets. 

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