How Planday can help you make The Single Biggest Shift


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How Planday can help you make The Single Biggest Shift

Thomas Dibble

Thomas Dibble

Mar 25, 2024


    There are lots of ways to schedule ahead. If you’re starting out on your forward planning journey, you might be going old school, and writing rotas with pen and paper. You might have taken things to the next level, and started to spread shifts out with Excel. Or maybe you’re ready to dive into a dedicated shift management platform, like Planday.

    Why you need scheduling software

    On paper, planning ahead is easy. But rotas being on paper is half the problem.

    When you use a traditional method to plan your rotas, like hand-writing them, there’s lots of room for confusion, clutter and chaos. Things can change; people are sick, holiday isn’t properly noted, the works. Then you have to update the rota based on the new lay of the land.

    Based on your paper solution, it’s not easy to see who’s available. You have to manually calculate how many hours they’ve worked. You might end up breaking conscious planning rules you’re aiming to introduce (like making sure everyone gets two days off in a row).

    And then you have to communicate those changes to everyone. And then wait to hear back that those work for everyone.

    Paper and pen is one of the reasons why scheduling shifts takes so much time.

    Excel is slightly better (especially if you have a great, free template). But it faces lots of the same problems. Because it wasn’t built to solve scheduling.

    What you really need is dedicated scheduling software.

    With Planday, you get a purpose built platform that lives in the cloud. That means you can access and create rotas from anywhere in a couple of clicks. You can also see who’s available to work and when. And your rotas update automatically, for everyone.

    Planday’s also packed with a secure, instant messenger. So you can chat with your entire team (or certain members) quickly, and know that they’ve seen the message.

    It doesn’t just make your work easier. It makes your team’s lives better too. Through Planday, team members can request extra shifts, swap shifts between themselves (with your approval), set their availability and more.

    Planday’s loaded with smart rules that’ll help you create better schedules that restore work/life balance. It could be the secret weapon in your arsenal when making The Single Biggest Shift.

    Help Centre is at hand

    Planday’s the easy-to-use, pro-level planning tool. It can help you get your shift together, and make rotas that work for everyone. But getting set up with a new platform can be a bit overwhelming. Where do you begin? How do you get to know what it can do, and what sort of tips and tricks is it capable of?

    The Help Centre is Planday’s font of all knowledge. It’s loaded with easy to understand tutorials, guides and walkthroughs that’ll take you from setting up to a scheduling master.

    We’ve created a whole host of simple scheduling videos that take you through everything you need to know in less than 20 minutes.

    The Planday Help Centre is broken down into simple sections that take you through every feature of the product, and shows you exactly how to master them.

    Get your shift together, with Planday

    Ready to make your team happier, healthier and more likely to stay with you for longer? Then pledge to plan your shifts further ahead at

    And if you’re ready to take your planning to the next level, and want an easy-to-use platform that’ll help you make rotas that work for you, your team and your business, book a demo. We’ll take you through everything Planday has to offer and show you how it can help you make The Single Biggest Shift.

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