4 reasons you need workforce management software


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4 reasons you need workforce management software

Nikki Thorpe

Nikki Thorpe

Apr 1, 2014


    4 reasons you need workforce management software

    It’s true, there really are lots of reasons why you should use workforce management software. A workforce management system is not just another program to install on your computer – it’s the whole package and it can handle everything online from HR to hour registration and scheduling in one single tool.

    We would like to explain to you why you should say goodbye to old-fashioned manual work and acquire a system so clever, optimized and automatic that it can almost serve you breakfast in bed… Well, almost…

    Digital signature eliminates paperwork

    Do you have any idea of how many hours you’ve spent in your office sweating over hour registration, payroll, employee data and contract management? All the boring paperwork that has held you hostage in an administrative prison now belongs to the past as a workforce management system only requires a few clicks and then all of the above-mentioned tasks will be handled and updated online.

    One of the most revolutionary features is the digital signature which enables you to handle employee contracts 100 percent online. You don’t need to print out a handful of paper copies to be signed and inserted into an already bursting ring binder, or have several pages scanned and placed in an unorganized folder on your computer desktop. The use of the digital signature also enables you to store all the contracts in the system which doesn’t take up any space on your computer or on your shelf. Only on your ‘cloud’.

    Integrated time clock can save your bottom line

    After you have gained control over your HR tasks, next step is to gain control over your finances. The fact is that many part-time workers are sloppy with their manual hour registration noting down more hours than they have actually worked. Consequently, you will pay for more than you get which can leave a huge hole in your budget.

    A great workforce management system has an integrated time clock which means that your employees will clock in when they arrive and clock out when they leave. You will be able to see precise working hours right down to the hundredths, which means that you will only pay for worked hours. Not scheduled or expected hours – only actual worked hours! Businesses actually report up to 5 percent savings on the entire payroll cost because of the time clock. Just imagine if that 5 percent is all you need to stay above your bottom line…

    Are your employees always sick on Mondays?

    You will not only be able to run a tight ship concerning time registration with a workforce management system. In fact, you can get actionable and updated reports on every part of your business enabling you to constantly keep an eye on your development and make crucial improvements to stay within your budget. Perhaps you will suddenly discover odd patterns such as a tendency to call in sick on Mondays or swap shifts on Saturdays?

    Scheduling will suddenly become an easy task

    Many look for an online scheduling system to replace their white board or Excel scheduling hassles. What they don’t know is that a scheduling tool is actually a part of workforce management software.

    So, not only can you handle your HR, payroll and reporting tasks in your workforce management system, you can also handle scheduling. Or put more specifically, you can make shift scheduling collaborative as your employees can book, swap and give away shifts among themselves in an optimized scheduling template. All you have to do is accept the changes. The best part of this scheduling feature is that it’s online which means that everyone can access the updated schedule anytime, anywhere.

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