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3 Surprising and innovative ways to use staff management software


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3 Surprising and innovative ways to use staff management software

Dom Hopkinson

Jan 4, 2021


    3 Surprising and innovative ways to use staff management software

    Cast your mind back to the beginning of 2020 and no one thought managing a team would look like this. No matter what your business or your team does, all of us have had to embrace flexibility and work in different ways recently – whether it’s having staff work from home, or it’s care home workers picking up extra shifts on the frontline of the pandemic or supermarket workers stacking shelves as panic-buying swept markets across the globe.

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    Because of the pandemic, all of us have had to adapt physically, mentally and technically. Have you examined your business for efficiency gaps to see what you might have missed?

    So whether you’ve had to adapt your schedule to quickly scale the care or supermarket needs or you have people working from home for the foreseeable period, here are three ways you can use staff management software to keep your people informed and engaged and your business on track to reach its goals right now.

    Strengthen Your Team

    To stay updated on employees and focused on current projects, businesses like yours must be prepared to adapt to global and community needs. 

    Employee management software was developed to support companies even before times of crisis, and now more than ever, these programs are needed to ensure accountability and cohesion.

    There’s no excuse not to create the best system for your people – one that encourages security, efficiency and communication. Analyse the needs and requirements for your team to work and thrive, and then ensure your company has the right software for support.

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    Use the Right Management Systems

    Develop new strategies and discover other resources to regularly document collaboration for employee management, whether or not your team has returned to the office or whether your shift-based operations have changed for the foreseeable period.

    Continuous innovation is necessary within the workplace to guide teams and manage the right technology.

    Here are three effective strategies – with smart employee management software – that your company can use to support and supervise.

    Manage your staff schedules

    Flexibility in the workplace has had a new meaning since the beginning of local travel restrictions and the need for frontline businesses and workplaces to step up the services and offerings during the pandemic. Avoid surprises with managed employee schedules that are quick and simple for team members and leadership to use.

    Every business needs an advanced solution for tracking professional matters like office hours, staff vacations, and payroll costs. In a time like COVID-19, a comprehensive employee management app like Planday is the way to go.

    Host Interactive Meetings

    In MIT’s Sloan Management Review, experts reviewed the options that offices had in either recreating or repurposing their office.

    Research showed that a consistent connection with coworkers determines the quality of their working relationships. When employees have strong relationships, work proceeds more efficiently.

    Online communication is vital, and it isn’t enough to provide the cheapest program. Teams maintain connections through video conferences, which can include faulty programs. Incorporate artificial reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) to change those high priority projects from a technical disaster to a productive experience.

    Track Employee Health

    To curb COVID from affecting more people, new apps for employees have been created to track health and wellness.

    Make sure your employees are always set up to succeed. Whether your workforce still works remotely or has returned to the office or shift-based work, it’s important to have the right employee management software to support your team. As Splashtop wrote in their recent case study, “By failing to prepare, businesses are preparing to fail.”

    Pave the Road to Success

    Telecommuting went from being an opportunity to an absolute necessity. There’s a chance that this won’t change much, even once the pandemic has ended. In fact, the Brookings Institute estimates that up to 20% of companies might remain permanently remote.

    Equally, the consumer demand to buy groceries instead of eating out – which surged to 95% at the height of the pandemic – might well translate into more customers permanently buying groceries or retail goods online, meaning shift-based businesses will need to change their operations to keep up with and cater for that change.

    Be prepared to make adjustments with all the included benefits and risks.

    Consider the team-building and management lessons of 2020. Employees have struggled to maintain communication and camaraderie with coworkers. Leaders are challenged to effectively manage employees. Few companies were prepared for this change and have had to adopt new solutions to help them adapt.

    We can view these professional difficulties as problems or as opportunities to implement change with personalised programs to help your company thrive.

    Make Smarter Employee Management Decisions Today

    Whether it’s scaling your operations to meet overnight demand in the middle of a pandemic or better scheduling to manage the ongoing risks of staff exposure to COVID-19, there are a range of new and innovative ways staff management software can help make your day work.

    Ready to implement an effective employee management software into your business? Get started with a free 30-day trial of our staff management software today.

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