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Tenzo is an analytics and AI sales forecasting platform for hospitality and retail businesses. Tenzo's integration with Planday means it's able to pull data directly from the platform, your POS system and your inventory management platform to bring it all together in one App available on mobile and web. Tenzo's insightful reporting makes understanding and running a business a lot easier and helps drive revenue, while reducing costs.


ADP is one of the largest providers of human capital management, HR management, payroll management, and benefits administration in the US. In Planday you can set up your payroll output to an ADP format, that enables you to import the payroll data for all your employees in go.


Heartland payment systems is a worldwide provider of payment technology services that delivers innovative solutions driven by customer needs. With few clicks you can output the payroll data for all your employees in Planday and import it into Heartland, which will save you from spending time on typing in the payroll information.


Flow is a training platform tailored to the hospitality and tourism sector, providing accredited, certificated training throughout the industry. With Planday's integration, you can automatically add all your employees from Planday to Flow's training platform. You'll save time and avoid the hassle of having to add your employees to both systems. 

Planday Connector for Zendesk

Zendesk is a leading customer service and engagement platform. If Zendesk is the backbone to your customer service business, integrate it directly to Planday for easy reporting, monitoring & scheduling of your team. Agents can log time against tickets, set a status, and get an overview of their logged time each day–while giving you a robust 360° view of all your agent's activities.

QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online lets you see how your business is doing instantly. QuickBooks Online is a cloud based financial management software. Its designed to slash the time you spend managing your business finances. If you’re using Intuit QuickBooks Online to manage your company payroll, connect the integration to quickly synchronise your employees across both systems and export worked hours from Planday to QuickBooks Online.

Microsoft Dynamics / Navision C5

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a modern ERP solution that collects financial management, warehousing, procurement, logistics, sales, production, project management in one solution. Salary information from Planday can be easily exported to a payroll report that can be imported into Microsoft Dynamics / Navision C5 so you avoid spending unnecessary time on manual entry. You can also import employees' payrolls from Microsoft Dynamics / Navision C5 to Planday, so they are available to employees directly in the app.
Point of sale


If you use iZettle for your hospitality business, you can now import the revenue payment data into your Planday account and compare that data to your payroll costs. You can view both your payroll costs and your imported revenue right from the Schedule, which enables you to build the most cost efficient schedule for your business.
Point of sale

Lightspeed Retail

Lightspeed is a leading provider of cloud-based POS software. Lightspeed customers typically see a 20% growth in sales after their first year. Integrate Lightspeed Retail with Planday to get all the benefits of seeing your sales figures compared to payroll costs in Planday's KPI dashboard.


PMI - Performance Management Intelligence is a fully customizable Software-as-a-Service for hotels, spas, restaurants and cruise ships. PMI facilitates your work with results and productivity and keeps you at the forefront of your business performance. When Planday is integrated with PMI, relevant information is automatically sent from the schedule in Planday, ensuring you get the right data to make informed decisions.


Sage 50 payroll is software designed specifically for small to medium sized businesses. With Planday, your payroll data can be structured in a fixed format that can be imported into Sage 50 – making the payroll processes painless. Are you an accountant? Then you can easily access all your Planday clients' payroll data in a few clicks.
Point of sale


Tevalis provides innovative ePOS and management solutions to the hospitality industry. With Planday's integration it's quick to import your Tevalis revenue data. The integration also provides an overview of your labour costs and revenue, making it easy to optimise your schedule.
Point of sale


Barcontrol offers Gastrofix, a leading POS system and cloud based management tool for the restaurant industry, to the Norwegian market. When you integrate Planday with Gastrofix, you can import revenue data to Planday. Then, Planday automatically calculates how much of the revenue is going to cover ongoing payroll expenses.


Fortnox is a software for accounting, billing and smart purchases that help employers to handle invoices, wages, etc. Once you have generated your salary information in Planday, you can import them directly to Fortnox, providing you with a safe and fast payroll management solution.
Point of sale


KDR helps Scandinavian companies manage sales and inventory through the highly flexible POS solution. Using Planday's integration with KDR, the revenue is imported from KDR to Planday daily. See your scheduled costs and revenue data in one place. Planday calculates your payroll percentage, giving you an overview of your staffing levels and performance.

Hogia Lön & Hogia Lön Plus

Hogia Lön is a Scandinavian payroll management system that helps employers to comply with labor law rules and simplifies management of pay, benefits and sick leave. Generate payroll reports in Planday for import to Hogia for an efficient and secure data transfer.


PAXml is a file format developed for the Swedish market and is used by many payroll systems such as Crona's salary, Kontek and others. In Planday, you can easily export your employees' payroll data and import it directly to any of the above-mentioned systems. This ensures that your employees get their salary quickly and safely.
Point of sale

Trivec Domino

Create a smarter employee schedule by importing sales data from Trivec Domino POS to Planday to quickly compare labor costs and sales.
Point of sale

RmsV from SMS

SMS AS has developed an integration between their software RmsV - a complete cash register system - and Planday. The integration continuously sends current turnover from RmsV to Planday so that you get a full overview of turnover and wage expenses.

Visma, Visma Agda og Huldt og Lillevik

Visma is one of Norway's most popular payroll system providers. Visma helps managers calculate vacation, pay, sick leave, overtime and parental leave based on information from Planday. From Planday you can export your salary base for use with Visma Lønn, Visma Agda and Huldt og Lillevik.

Visma Lön 300/600

Visma Lön is one of Sweden's most popular payroll systems. Visma helps managers calculate holiday days, pay, sick leave, overtime, parental leave, etc. With Planday, you export your payroll data directly to Visma which saves you time compared to manually registering time sheets in the payroll system.
Point of sale


Danish company Ajour has developed a flexible and intuitive POS system for the retail and hospitality industries. Use the integration with Ajour to import revenue data to Planday's schedule so you can easily compare revenue with your payroll costs.


Formed in 2001, Danløn is a Danish payroll system for small businesses. In Planday you can create salary reports in a specific Danløn format, which can subsequently be imported into Danløn. This avoids spending unnecessary time manually entering salary information for individual employees in Danløn. You can also import payrolls from Danløn to Planday, so your employees can easily access them.

Lessor PM

Lessor PM LØN can handle all facets of payroll payments in both large and smaller companies. You quickly export payroll information for all employees to a payroll report in a format easily imported into Lessor PM. This ensures quick and secure payroll management without manual entry. At the same time, you can import payslips from Lessor PM to Planday with a few clicks, allowing employees to easily view their payrolls directly in the app.
Point of sale


Danish based OnlinePOS is a flexible and intuitive POS system for business like restaurants and cafes, night clubs, retail and venues. Connect the integration to automatically import your revenue from OnlinePOS into Planday so you easily can monitor both payroll cost and revenue in your schedule. Planday will automatically calculate the payroll percentage supporting you in making the most efficient schedule.
Point of sale


POSLavu is used in more than 80 countries and their iPad POS is a modern solution developed specifically for restaurants, bars, nightclubs, fast food restaurants and others in the same industry. The integration with POSLavu ensures that revenue is automatically imported into Planday, allowing comparisons of revenue with payroll costs. With the help of integration, you can easily monitor payroll and adjust your schedule accordingly.


For more than 30 years, ProLøn A/S has helped Danish companies streamline their payroll administration. They develop industry solutions and standard solutions that can be used by all Danish companies regardless of industry and size. It is easy to create payroll reports tailored to ProLøn in Planday and import them into ProLøn. Run payroll faster and more secure by importing payroll data generated in Planday. You can also import all payslips from ProLøn to Planday.

Lohn und Gehalt

DATEV Lohn und Gehalt helps payroll executives stay focused on being up-to-date in terms of security and privacy. With Planday, you can quickly and easily import all the data needed to pay all employees. For a fast and reliable salary payment.
Point of sale

Lightspeed Restaurant

Lightspeed's POS for restaurants allows customers to use their preferred payment method and close their dining experience as smoothly as it started. The customer payment and revenue data from Lightspeed can easily be compared to your payroll costs in Planday. You can view both your payroll costs and revenue right in your Planday Schedule, which enables you to build a cost efficient schedule right from the beginning.

Point of sale


Flexybox is a flexible POS system created specifically for the hospitality industry. Use the integration to import revenue data from Flexybox to Planday.
Point of sale


GASTROFIX is the leading tablet and cloud-based POS system packaged in easy-to-use and intuitive restaurant manager software. Integrating your Planday account with Gastrofix will give you access to both sales data and employee schedules. The system automatically calculates the proportion of sales that you spend on labor costs. So you always make the right decisions and plan assignments efficiently.



GreatPeople is a digital tool to make referral recruiting more efficient and GDPR-proof for HR and Recruiting, but also to make the process more engaging for the referrers, normally your employees and network. We make it simple to get referrals for great candidates for current positions or for building a talent pool for the future. We know it's the best way to recruit, just normally needs more structure to reach full potential. We provide all that. We have chosen to partner with Planday, because just like Planday we believe that if you have the right person in place, who is satisifed at work, they will be more efficient while at work, but also happy when they come home from it. And speak highly of their employer!

New York State Restaurant Association

The New York State Restaurant Association provides member restaurants with education, news, resources, discounts, and a community network. They keep restaurants in the state of New York briefed on upcoming changes and events. We partner with NYSRA to offer their members a special Planday discount.

The New York City Food & Beverage Hospitality Council

The New York City Food & Beverage Hospitality Council is part of the The New York City Department of Small Business Services, and consists of over 30 leading NYC industry professionals and businesses to promote the sustained growth of the local food and beverage industry.

British Hospitality Association

The BHA is a thought leader in the hospitality and foodservice industries. They provide education, news, discounts, and an engaged community for their members, in order to ensure British hospitality and tourism is competitive. Planday has partnered with BHA to offer their members a Planday discount.

Institute of Hospitality

The Institute of Hospitality is the professional body for individual managers and aspiring managers working and studying in the hospitality, leisure and tourism industry in the UK. Planday has partnered with IoH to offer our customers in hospitality with expert knowledge of the industry.


CIMSPA offers its members in the fitness and leisure industry in the UK leadership, support, advice, and continued training. Planday and CIMSPA have partnered together to offer CIMSPA members a Planday discount.


WMT provides UK businesses with accounting services, compliance, and business consulting. Planday has partnered with WMT to offer an easier payroll and tax service and to provide HMRC-compliant tronc schemes.

Duncan & Toplis

Established in 1925, Duncan & Toplis has grown into one of the largest independent firms of chartered accountants in the East Midlands region, UK. Our size and structure means we are able to deliver a range of services you would expect from a larger firm, but with the personal contact and value associated with a smaller firm.


iMovo specialises in Customer Experience Management (CEM), using Big Data Analytics, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Workforce Management (WFM) especially in customer service scenarios. Planday is one of the solutions iMovo offers to clients.


Jigsaw24 has more than 25 years of experience in the creative industry and in enterprise. Jigsaw24 serves more than 25,000 enlightened customers across multiple industries. Jigsaw24 was the UK's first Apple Authorised Enterprise Reseller, and has led major services projects for leading UK enterprises. Planday is one of the solutions Jigsaw24 offers to clients.


SCC is Europe's largest independent Information Technology services business, with over 2,500 customers in more than 50 countries. SCC plans, supplies, integrates and manages IT for leading public and private sector businesses across Europe. The business operates from 75 locations in the UK, France, Spain and Romania. Planday is one of the solutions SCC offers to clients.

Denmark's Restaurants & Cafes

Denmark's Restaurants & Cafes, DRC, offers membership for businesses in the hospitality industry in Denmark. DRC offers advise in a range of areas for its members.


Klubbsverige is one of Scandinavia's largest fitness and leisure organizations supporting members with purchases and discounts. Planday is a partner with Klubbsverige to offer their members a discount on Planday.

NHO Reiseliv

NHO Reiseliv is affiliated with the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise (NHO). NHO Reiseliv is the largest representative organization for Norwegian employers in the tourism and hospitality industry. Planday has entered into an agreement with NHO Reiseliv, which ensures members a favorable price on Planday.


Nores is a Norwegian purchasing association specializing in food, beverages, non-food and laundry services for businesses in the hospitality industry. Nores gives its members the best discounts on wholesale and niche products, as well as offering advice from actors in purchasing. Nores members get a discounted price on Planday.

DEHOGA Baden-Württemberg

The Hotel and Restaurant Association DEHOGA Baden-Württemberg is the professional association of restaurateurs and hoteliers and represents the hospitality industry towards politics. Its members consist of more than 12,000 entrepreneurs coming from many different nations and running different businesses – including small restaurants, snack bars as well as large hotels.


DEHOGA Berlin has set itself the goal of supporting restaurants and hotels in Berlin with digitization. In joint workshops and events, we provide the hospitality industry with a wide range of possible applications.

Deutscher Franchiseverband

Planday is a supporting member of the German Franchise Association and together with GFA, Planday promotes digitization and process optimization  focusing on workforce management and staff scheduling.


The strategic partnership between Planday and the METRO GROUP accelerates the digital transformation of the hospitality industry. The stated goal is to enable companies in the hospitality industry to organize more efficiently.

The Planday Partner Program

We offer a Partner Program to accountants, solution providers, IT professionals, consultants, and others who help clients run their business better. Go to our Partner Program´s website for more information.

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