Together with our partners and integrations, we make running your businesses straightforward and smooth



Heartland payment systems is a worldwide provider of payment technology services that delivers innovative solutions driven by customer needs. With few clicks you can output the payroll data for all your employees in Planday and import it into Heartland, which will save you from spending time on typing in the payroll information.


ADP is one of the largest providers of human capital management, HR management, payroll management, and benefits administration in the US. In Planday you can set up your payroll output to an ADP format, that enables you to import the payroll data for all your employees in go.


Planday Integrates to Micros 3700, Maitre’D, POSitouch, Dinerware, or InfoGenesis through Omnivore. This integration automatically imports your revenue data into Planday, which makes it possible to view your schedule, employee management, revenue, and business costs all in one place. With the integration you can compare your payroll costs to your revenue, so you’re able to create a schedule that works best for the financial health of your business.


The New York City Food & Beverage Hospitality Council

The New York City Food & Beverage Hospitality Council is part of the The New York City Department of Small Business Services, and consists of over 30 leading NYC industry professionals and businesses to promote the sustained growth of the local food and beverage industry.

New York State Restaurant Association

The New York State Restaurant Association provides member restaurants with education, news, resources, discounts, and a community network. They keep restaurants in the state of New York briefed on upcoming changes and events. We partner with NYSRA to offer their members a special Planday discount.