How using the right tool for the job halves Meddyg Care’s payroll admin time

Established in 2014, Meddyg Care now has three locations and 125 staff dedicated to that mission. By finding the right people for the job who can combine compassion and care, Meddyg Care delivers person-centred care for its residents. But behind the tailored care and resident experience is a myriad of admin tasks and accreditation that can be cumbersome and time-consuming. Starting its digital journey a few years ago, Meddyg has moved from a rota posted on the wall to a smart solution that gives management and staff the right information at the right time.

By getting the right tool for the job, Meddyg Care Managing Director Kevin Edwards says payroll admin time has now halved. Let’s hear how they did it.

Rostering has become more efficient and flexible meaning more time can be spent focusing on other areas of the business.

Field hockey is typically played in winter in Australia, with the season typically starting in March or April. Since Cultor supplies hockey equipment, this means their business is seasonal by nature. 

Retaining staff through the low season is also key to success and Cultor needed a solution that would provide them a platform to deliver this level of employee engagement.  

As Cultor manage rosters across two storefronts, plus a warehouse they needed an online rostering software that is easy to use and would integrate with their current accounting software (Xero). 

Joe can then approve the shifts which makes processing payroll so much easier for Payroll Administrator Emma. Planday’s Punch Clock feature has reduced the paperwork and double handing of data for payroll. In addition, making sure they’re complying with the General Retail Award is a major concern for Cultor, but Planday is helping them feel more confident in this.

One of the issues that businesses can face if they roster and track time manually, for example with pen and paper or Google Sheets, is that it’s time consuming and can be error prone. 

With the ability to communicate shift changes, shift allocations and staff availability through the platform Planday helped reduce the communication needed to check staff availability and notify them of shifts or alterations to the roster. According to Joe; 

Planday is now integral to Cultor’s staff management, and has improved their employees day-to-day working satisfaction. 

The ability to update and change availability for the days they can’t work is one of the most popular features amongst the staff. The simple and easy-to-use layout of the app is something the Cultor staff have all liked using. 

Overall when asked if Planday can help achieve long-term business goals, Cultor said;  

‘Planday can be an important tool in achieving long term business goals by not only having an accurate and efficient payroll process, but by also having an easy-to-use effective rostering system. It goes a long way in driving total business effectiveness by reducing the hassles of a key aspect of staff management.’ 

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