Planday Blue

All the features you’re looking for

Fast communication

Fast communication

Quickly and easily text or communicate between managers and staff

Accurate time clocking

Track time across many teams

Staff can easily clock-in for upcoming shifts, using the app dashboard.

Detailed schedule

Schedule multiple locations

Employees can see all the details of their upcoming shifts right from the app.

Shift swap

Shift swap

Staff can easily handover or swap upcoming shifts between each other.

Availability preferences

Staff availability in one place

Managers can see when people prefer to work when building the rota.

Vacation requests

Vacation requests

Staff members can request time off and vacation within the app.

Connect to an ecosystem of integrations

By connecting Planday to the systems you already use, you can get the information you need and respond in real-time from anywhere.

“Planday works seamlessly with Tenzo, empowering management teams with a more complete view of their business – on web or mobile. Tenzo is forecasting insights allow users to make better scheduling decisions in Planday.”

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No matter what your business does, Planday can help you

  • Simpler admin
  • Better communication
  • Improved employee retention and engagement
  • Save time and money
  • Seamlessly connects with payroll & POS systems
  • Use your own data to make smarter business decisions

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