A connected scheduling and EPOS solution for your business

How Planday and Tevalis work together

Synchronise your salary and employee data with Tevalis to monitor revenue against payroll.


Seamless sync

Automatically import revenue from Tevalis into Planday, so you can monitor your revenue compared to salary costs.


Easy staff management

Export all your staff’s details from Planday into Tevalis, including name, hourly wage and employee ID.


Hassle-free time tracking

When employees clock in and out through Tevalis, their data is sent to Planday for payroll processing.

About Planday

Planday is the world-leading workforce management solution

Since 2004 Planday has been improving the lives of shift workers and their employers across the globe with a revolutionary workforce collaboration platform. Our easy-to-use, flexible shift worker management platform empowers both managers and employees to collaborate and work more efficiently by increasing transparency, open communication alongside integrated business tracking and reporting. In reducing administrative barriers, we help businesses scale, saving time and money on admin, while still maintaining authentic employee engagement — freeing themselves up to focus more on the things that matter.

About Tevalis

Tevalis are the UK’s leader in supplying an innovative range of industry developed Epos technology software and hardware platforms.

With a growing client base of over 6500+ systems installed and with a growing global presence, we have developed our solutions into all sectors within the hospitality, leisure and gaming industries.

Our Epos solutions have been specifically designed for the hospitality industry and much of our development is driven through client consultation and industry professionals, which help to ensure that Tevalis products meet the demanding and evolving requirements of the industry.

Elevate your business with Planday and Tevalis

Cut down the time you spend on revenue management – with Planday and Tevalis you can reduce the manual tracking of your staff’s scheduling and payroll against actual revenue.

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Learn how to sync Planday and Tevalis in minutes.

Using Planday and Tevalis together elevates your business to the next level


Efficient Scheduling

Quickly build and communicate a staff schedule that works for you and your team by taking into account vacation, availability, workforce regulations and costs. Save your schedule as a template to save even more time in the future.


Comprehensive Business Overview

Use your dashboard to track revenue compared to payroll costs and understand how your business is doing. From there, you can also get a bird’s eye view of your staff’s activity and make quicker and smarter management decisions.


Reduce the Risk of Error

Automated processes minimise the number of touchpoints for your payroll data, and mistakes made in the manual handling of your employees’ information – saving you time and money.


Fully Functional App

The Planday app works on Android, iPhone and iPad, so you can easily oversee your workforce from wherever you are.


Smarter Business Decisions

Optimise your schedule by adjusting staffing levels based on actual and forecasted revenue.


Integrate Systems

From employee management, POS systems, and business analytics, we’ve got you covered with our market leading integrations Partners. Connect it all so you can focus more of your time on what you do best – managing your business.

Trusted by businesses worldwide

Some of the biggest names in hospitality, retail, fitness and healthcare use our platform to run their businesses more efficiently.

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