Give your customers an experience they can’t refuse

With staff at the core of any cinema goer’s experience there is a need for operations to run smoothly and that is usually fueled by having engaged and happy employees combined with efficient operations. Planday offers an all-in-one scheduling solution that empowers and engages staff which in turn offloads management and we believe in strengthening the bond between the two. Upon signing up with Planday, our dedicated customer success team will be there to assist you every step of the way. Our software has been proven to reduce admin time by more than 80%, giving you more time and saving on resources.

Planday Schedule for Cinemas App and Web

Efficient scheduling

Build an efficient schedule for your cinema, using skills, workforce rules and cost calculations. Create, store and apply templates to save time in the future.

A full overview of your cinema

Our dashboards and reports give you an overview of payroll, salary costs and insightful staff data so that you keep track of your theatres and snack vendors.

Targeted communication

Message your team whenever you need to, let staff swap shifts amongst themselves and have all your relevant communication in one place.

Transparent time tracking

Simple clock-in and out system that works on mobile devices too. As a manager, you can set up location and time rules for your staff.

App is free for everyone

Planday works on both Android and iOS, so both cinema staff and management can easily access the schedule from wherever they are.

Absence, holiday & payroll

Get a quick overview of your staff’s availability, absence and holiday requests. Integrate Planday data directly into your payroll system.

One of the things we love about Planday is that we’ve gone from daily or weekly scheduling to monthly scheduling. That enables the team to see what their whole schedule is like, so they can spot any conflicts well in advance.”

FELIX BRESSER, Theater Leader WOKI-Dein Kino

Scheduling – Houston, we have a solution

Any cinema will have new faces coming and old faces going, and it is important to be in command of easily adaptable schedule templates to minimise the impact it has on the business and to keep the venue(s) running smoothly. Planday’s industry-leading scheduling tool, which is accessible from desktop or through the app, gives both management and employees instant access to the schedule and help cinemas deliver great experiences.

Planday App displayed in iPad and iPhone

Communication – Make sure the premiere has no hiccups!

When things get hectic during the weekends or with new premieres being rolled out, a need to cover extra shifts can easily occur and instead of having to makes 15 phone calls or spam the Whatsapp group, Planday has everything in one place. With our communications functionality, you can let staff know that there will be extra shifts available and they can claim them through the app or their desktop, avoiding chaos and confusion leading up to peak times and having everything in one place.

Planday App Messages

Staying on top of your costs

Planday’s reporting function gives you key insight into your cinema’s costs versus revenue. You can see how many hours each employee has worked, any absence and insightful staff data, and of course the staff costs. The available dashboard gives you an overview of the above and more, in a slick UI format which is easy navigate and allow you to become a mobile headquarters in control of your cinema’s costs.

Salary and revenue costs cards illustration

Time-tracking with the Punch Clock

Use Planday’s time clocking feature to easily track hours worked. If you have more than one location, fret not. Locations can easily be set up, and they verify that the employee is where they should be when clocking in and out. This feature will also help you save time on payroll calculations, including rounding rules and exception reporting.

Planday App Punch clock