On Sept. 28, Planday hosted Restaurant 2020 at the St. Pancras Hotel in London. We decided to host this event for those working in the restaurant industry because we believe the hospitality industry is facing unprecedented change– especially in the UK.

Technology has evolved rapidly over recent years, and has changed the way people communicate, commute/travel, seek information and enjoy themselves. It also has an impact on the way they balance work and play, with companies like Uber and Airbnb providing new ways for people to make money.


New revenue models are emerging, many enabled by technology, and cost structures are becoming more complex as a consequence. To make things even more interesting, the political and economic landscape is shifting with Brexit creating uncertainty on the movement of money, people and trade. Currency fluctuations are an early effect but there will be broader implications as the UK navigates its way out of the EU.

We’re looking at things as novel as paying for a chef’s accommodations in order to recruit

Paddy Bamford, CFO at Ottolenghi & NOPI

To tackle these issues head on, we put together three panels filled with subject matter experts, restaurant operators and technology providers that will provided their perspective and offered practical advice on how to harness change and emerge well positioned by 2020. Our three panels covered the following topics:

  • How will Brexit affect your business? We share your thoughts
  • Tech in 2020: Disruption or opportunity for the hospitality industry?
  • Diversifying your revenue and controlling your costs

Our panelists were diverse: ranging from highly successful restaurant owners, to people at the forefront of technology innovation.

The Planday team had an incredible time meeting so many friends and acquaintances face to face. We learned so much from our panelists, and really enjoyed the conversation and networking that followed. This event couldn’t have been what it was without all of you— so thanks!

Thanks to our partners!

A huge thank you to our lovely sponsors and partners. To learn more about them, please visit their websites:

Again, thank you to everyone who came to Restaurant 2020! We hope you enjoyed the conversation, networking and drinks as much as we did.


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