Over the past quarter we’ve been busy working on three important features specifically for UK customers.

We have updates to accrued holiday and an exciting integration, which we’ll explain below. Enjoy!

Accrued Holiday for salaried employees

Employees in the UK accumulate paid leave while they work (accrued holiday). Calculating accrued holiday time can be tricky, which is why we implemented a solution within Planday earlier this year. The original solution only handled accrued holiday for hourly employees; however, you can now calculate holiday for salaried employees.

This feature makes it easy to see how much holiday employees have earned if they only work part of a year. If employees leave part way through the year, you can see if they need to pay back some of their holiday time, or it they’re entitled to holiday they haven’t taken yet.

To see an employee’s holiday accrual, go to People > Employees > Edit employee > Vacation.

Integrations page

We also have a brand new feature in your Settings: the Integration page. From here, you can easily get an overview of the integrations Planday offers. You can also set up and manage your integrations from here.

We’re very excited to offer you more integrations with EPOS, payroll providers, and more moving forward. Check the Integration page from time to time to see what’s new.

This page is only visible to account admins with the security clearance to view this page. You can see the page by navigating to Settings > Integrations.

Integration with Tevalis EPOS system

If you use Tevalis as your EPOS system, you can import your Tevalis revenue data directly into Planday. Your revenue will then be included in the revenue report and the Schedule.

With this integration, you can monitor forecasted and actual payroll costs compared to your revenue. This allows you to create a schedule that works best for the financial health of your business.

This is the first part of a three-part integration with Tevalis. We’ll later introduce part two of the integration: syncing employee data between Tevalis and Planday, as well as part three: importing timesheet data from Tevalis into Planday’s Punch Clock.

Stay tuned for more updates on this!

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