Benefits for you

Planday streamlines scheduling, communication, payroll and HR for businesses with hourly workers. As an accountant, Planday gives you a better overview of client revenue, data from POS integrations and percentage of revenue spent on payroll. Planday also expedites your payroll process through our integrations like Sage.

Get a better overview of your clients’ finances

  • Align staff levels with customer demand
  • Give employees more flexibility
  • Stay on top of operations and staff costs

Expedite payroll processes

  • Standardised payroll export
  • Percentage of revenue spent on payroll
  • Integrations with leading payroll systems like Sage and IRIS
  • Sage and IRIS payslips available to employees via the app

Get help with accrued holiday

With Planday’s accrued holiday feature, you can monitor the number of vacation days that employees accrue as they work, as well as the amount that needs to be paid for those days. Planday also forecasts if enough holiday is likely to be accrued over the course of the year.

Make a trusted recommendation to clients

Major businesses around the world use Planday, so you can have full confidence that you’re making a reliable suggestion to your clients

Benefits for your clients

Insight into staff activity

Quickly get an overview of employee availability and holiday requests.

Efficient scheduling

If a manager already has a schedule that works, they can save it as a template so future schedules are easy to create.

Accrued holiday tracking

Planday calculates how much holiday workers have earned, so managers can easily comply with labor regulations.

Comprehensive business overview

Our Reports feature gives managers and their accountant an overview of payroll costs, revenue compared to salary cost, and data on employee working habits.

Fully functional app

The Planday app works on Android, iPhone, and iPad, so managers can easily oversee their workforce from wherever they are.

Accurate time tracking

Staff can clock in easily from the app, but managers can say where employees can clock in from.

As a global Sage partner, Planday makes payroll much quicker for you

What can you expect next?

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