Strong Towers Security:
Providing security guards for a variety of clients to safeguard people and property

The problem:

To grow their business, Strong Towers' owners needed time for training and grooming the staff — even as the owners work full time themselves. Before switching to Planday, Strong Towers tried a variety of methods to manage scheduling, including email, text messages, keeping hours manually and using a local payroll company.

Planday Customer

"The punch clock … is supremely accurate and allows for accountability across the board."

The solution:

Today, Strong Towers uses Planday to track employees' clock in and out times, synchronize it with payroll and make scheduling easy and accessible, Dante Moore, co-founder of Strong Towers Security says.

The result:

The owners now have time to focus on bigger-picture concerns, as Planday has enabled them to hand over all admin tasks to a part-time staff member.