Connect your systems

Smart businesses save time by getting the systems they already use to work together. Adjust your staffing levels based on near or real-time revenue and be ready to respond when you need to.

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Monitor your costs

Planday and Lightspeed let you track your staff costs compared to revenue, so you always have an up-to-date insight into your budget. With over 50 different types of reports in a dashboard you can access from anywhere, you're always in touch with your team and in control of your business.

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Optimise your people

Around 90% of customers will purchase based on reviews, so smart businesses invest in keeping good staff. By embracing flexiblity, transparency and open communication with payroll reports that just work, Planday and Lightspeed help you keep quality staff for longer. The result? Better experiences for your customers and growth for your business.

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Customer Spotlight

How this business succeeds with Planday and Lightspeed

If you don’t belive us, then just take a look at this customer spotlight. No one makes us look as good as our customers using our platform.


Our revenue is synched from Lightspeed to Planday over the course of the day, so we can see our ongoing labour costs with the click of a button.

Jonathan David, General Manager at Riddle and Finns

We’ve improved our wage control by 3% using Planday and Lightspeed, which is massive. That 3% increase equals an annual saving of about £ 40,000.

Norbert Swierad, Operations Manager for Absurd Bird

When you have up to 70 staff, it’s not possible to catch up with every individual every week, so the fact that you can tell everyone what’s going on at the time is highly valued.

Jonathan David, General Manager at Riddle and Finns


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