Fitness World:
About Fitness World

Fitness World is Denmark's largest fitness chain with more than 150 fitness centers and over 3,500 staff members. Almost half a million customers exercise at Fitness World every single day.

The Problem: Employee Engagement

Ronnie Andersen, a Site Manager for one of Fitness World’s busiest locations, had a problem with disengaged employees who were bringing down customer satisfaction. “I was experiencing instructors who were not only not engaged, but on the verge of causing a problem. You could see their negativity. Customers attending those classes gave negative feedback to reception or through customer satisfaction surveys.” “Customers can feel if the instructor is just there to get their job done, or if they’re there because they love their job.”

“My favorite feature about Planday is the punch clock. The app works perfectly. I really appreciate not having to go behind the reception desk and log into a system every time I have to clock in and out. Now I can enjoy spending more time with my members before and after a shift.” Louise Lee Munk Larsen, Fitness Instructor, FITNESS WORLD

The Solution: Planday

To help improve employee engagement and customer satisfaction, Andersen turned to Planday. Planday can help engage employees by making the staff schedule more consistent and easier to communicate— all of which keep your staff happy and your business growing. “We use online tools like Planday to communicate. I think that if your employees are engaged, they will give you more of themselves. You'll have more loyal and hardworking employees,” said Andersen