Avalon Property Services:
keeps overhead costs low

Fast-growing, family-owned and –operated janitorial service that's working to keep overhead costs low in a competitive market.

Avalon Property Services
The Problem:

With 140 employees working at different locations and for different wages, Avalon has a complex payroll. But the company providing Avalon's previous timekeeping system offered little customer support. "It was like we did not even exist to them," Office Administrator Jennifer Hernandez says. The company also failed to deliver on the promised features Avalon needed to manage its payroll.

The Solution:

Planday helps Avalon pay its employees quickly and accurately and make sure that its accounts are kept profitable. The company appreciates Planday staff's regular check-ins and their quick replies to questions. Plus, Hernandez says, "The system itself is beautiful, user friendly and visually appealing."

"Planday has given us great results."

The result:

With Planday, Avalon keeps overhead low, which helps the company keep its services affordable for clients, Hernandez says.