A Hereford Beefstouw:
International restaurant chain serving fine steaks and wine in well-designed, art-filled spaces

I would estimate that I save at least five hours monthly doing the salaries through Planday instead of doing it manually.

The problem:

Previously, Hereford Beefstouw's schedule was done by hand and employees used a traditional punch clock with timecards. This made it hard to manage cost of staff.

The solution:

Now that Hereford Beefstouw has switched to Planday software, "I love the projected cost of staff," says Restaurant Manager Claes Rosén. "Staffing the restaurant is by far the hardest job, and it’s nice to get the feedback from the system that tells you if you did OK. … Every swap, trade or vacation is handled within the system, and the salaries turn out 100% accurate all the time."

A hereford beefstouw
The results:

Planday has improved transparency, accuracy and communication for Hereford Beefstouw and given a greater sense of control over the schedule, says Rosén.