We believe that Planday is the best workforce scheduling solution on the market as it will save you time and money on more than just employee scheduling. In this blog post, we will point out the benefits of a function that will enable you to work smarter and is one of the most popular features among our customers.

Work smarter – follow your statistics!

Planday’s incorporated reporting function enables you to get updated and actionable statistics on how your business is doing. You will be able to get detailed statistics on every level of your business – from employee absence data to actual worked hours. From overall payroll costs to salary percentage. From turnover to budget forecasts.

For instance, take a look at the chart below and imagine it’s your business’ overview. The first four columns are quite simple to understand – they show your weekly budget and turnover. The real advantage of having your reporting system connected to your scheduling tool is shown in the last three columns.

Here, you can see how much money you have spent on your staffing needs each week, as well as displaying salary as a percentage of your budget. You aim to spend 25% of your budget on staffing, shown in the last column. The system highlights in green the weeks in which less than your predetermined level is spent, as we can see in weeks 9-12, and in red the weeks in which staffing constitutes more than a quarter of the budgeted amount, as can be seen in weeks 13 and 14. Note that even though you made an overall profit, you spent too much on staffing. This is where you will save a lot of administrative time in eliminating the risk of getting the numbers wrong, allowing you to react accordingly to improve your business by perhaps adjusting your staffing needs in the following weeks.

Less mess. More business.

With Planday’s report function, you can say goodbye to old-fashioned, messy folders containing about a hundred reports and you don’t have to spend hours creating the report you need. Also, with Planday, you will only have to use one solution as the reporting function is a part of the scheduling function. No more mess. No more waste of time. Only a profitable business.

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