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Update on the UK’s exit from the EU

Jacob Pyndt
Jacob Pyndt
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Update on the UK’s exit from the EU

30 October 2020

On 31 January 2020, the UK’s withdrawal agreement from the EU came into force. There has not been any agreement about data privacy equivalency between the UK and the EU, and in line with recent ECJ rulings and industry experts, we expect a long transition period. Planday is taking two steps in this current situation: 

  1.  We are working with our sub-processors to understand their stance on a hard Brexit is and how that would influence data flows between the UK and EU
  2.  We closely monitor government conversations and will update our UK customers between now and 31 Dec to advise on status

To be sure, Planday has a comprehensive program in place to ensure that it will maintain the security and data protection of your data throughout the transition period. There will be no changes to your rights under GDPR, or how you can access and process your data using Planday. Planday is ISO27001 certified, as well as CyberEssentials certified, and is constantly monitoring changing legislation to ensure continued compliance. 

Jacob Pyndt

VP – Customer Success

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