Endless paperwork wastes your time and keeps you away from what’s really fun about running a restaurant. So why not get rid of it and go all in on technology?

We have decided to look for the four best tools that will make your day easy, your customers happy and give you more time to focus on the fun parts of your job – and here is what we found.

1) Online document storage

No matter how hard you try, those almost bursting folders will end up a mess, and that bulletin board will be stuffed with papers and notes that no one will ever read. There is no reason to work like that, when knowledge and information sharing have been made much easier online! You can use online storage systems like Google Drive, Dropbox or SkyDrive on which you can upload pricelists, equipment manuals, contact details, employee handbook and so much more. Look at this top 10 of online document storage solutions for more inspiration.

2) Inventory system

Many restaurant managers are looking for ways to save money on inventory management as it often is the second biggest expense on the budget. The way to go is to find an inventory control system hooked up with your point of sales system. Clever, right? No more long, inaccurate lists of inventory. No more empty storage. No more paperwork.

3) Online booking solution

An online table booking system will not only make the reservation process paperless, it will also make it easy, customer-friendly and usable for customer service purposes. Your customers will be able to book a table through your website instead of calling you, sending an email or showing up, leaving you with no paperwork to handle. A clever booking system will also function as a customer database including name and contact details, enabling you to recognize regulars and newcomers so you can use the right customer service strategies and make every single customer feel welcome. Using a system instead of old-fashioned procedures will not only give your customers a good booking experience, not only make your work paperless, but it will easily put you right ahead of your competitors. Check out some of the best reservation systems right here.

4) Online workforce management software

Instead of having to spend hours on manual scheduling hassles in spreadsheets, on whiteboards or on paper sheets, as many restaurant managers do, you should find the best online workforce management system which will fill your needs regarding HR management, payroll, reporting, communication, time registration and of course, the biggest problem of all, scheduling. The online workforce management system will make it easy to manage your staff on every level, it will leave the shift handling to your employees and thereby save you time and money.

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