This week, we’re excited to present Thomas Nielsen, our Online Account Manager at Planday. Thomas helps our customers optimize their workforce management by providing them deep education about time management through Planday’s tools.

What makes you get out of bed in the morning and come to Planday?

I enjoy finding solutions for everyday challenges regarding scheduling, HR, salary, communication etc. We are educating and making each and every customer our great ambassadors. Not a single customer or business is the same so by giving them the chance to optimize their everyday administrative challenges and save valuable time and money is very satisfying for both parties.

I find the development in the market very interesting since Planday is first mover in the approach of educating the players to think smart and online. I believe we will see a great development and expansion throughout the next few years when Planday will be ready to launch worldwide.

What do you think makes Planday stand out among the competition?

Planday has always been very strong in making the most complex solutions very simple. I believe we stand out from our competitors by having a design that makes it very intuitive and user-friendly to use the online system or app whether you are a manager or an employee. At the same time, Planday offers a unique and first class customer support team which makes sure that every customer is setup the right way and is satisfied using Planday.

Do you have a scheduled routine or is everyday very different than the next? What can’t you live without at work?

Every day is different than the next when I talk to new potential customers. They have different needs and challenges regarding their business. This makes it very exciting and motivating to work with them because I know Planday can offer a flexible solution that can fit their needs and solve their “pains”. If it weren’t for the customers who’ve challenged me and the rest of the Planday team, we wouldn’t be able to have any personal as well as professional development. In terms of what I can’t live without at work, the culture and atmosphere in a workplace is absolutely essential. I couldn’t live without a good laugh and joke with my colleagues which keeps me going.

How has your role changed over time with Planday? How has your work become more challenging or more easy over the years?

Time has changed a lot in the past years and the trend in online business is growing rapidly. You don’t necessarily have to be first mover on the market, but definitely the one who outsmarts the others. Making a smart, online, and mobile solution that continually is on track with the development in market and business trends as well as technology is very essential for our outreach on the global market.

My role has therefore become more challenging, but also more effective as previously all sales meetings with potential customers where held onsite whereas today all meetings are held online.

Any advice you can give software sales professionals who are trying to make it?

Be smart, believe in your intuition and choose your battles wisely.

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