We are online all the time and we are addicted to apps. We need to be connected to each other constantly and we are always on the search for tools that will make our lives easier.We’d like to give our inputs on the demand for mobile scheduling and let you in on a little piece of insider information that may surprise you.

A new survey from Software Advice, an online resource for employee scheduling software, shows that 55% of hourly workers are screaming for a modern employee scheduling solution, and particularly employees in the service and hospitality industries are wishing for a flexible tool. It’s a very interesting survey, pointing out some essential needs for the way we work today.

Why we need mobile employee scheduling

At Planday, we have worked on our online and mobile scheduling tool for 10 years, during which time we have seen an increasing need for a modern, flexible solution that makes employee management simple, easy and collaborative across many sectors – for instance, in the restaurant industry.

A restaurant manager doesn’t want to be placed behind a desk all day long. He’s a creative soul who thrives among his guests, colleagues and suppliers. He wants to be on the floor or out in the real world, looking for inspiration on how to develop his business. And what does he always have in his pocket? His phone. He needs to be able to reach his suppliers and employees at any time – so naturally, he needs the roster too.

The same goes for his employees. They are always on the go and they want to have their next shift right in their hand at any time. They want to be able to swap shifts when they sit on the bus and suddenly realize that they can’t work on Saturday. If they have to wait until they get home to request for time off, they will forget all about it – and then who’s losing money on a no-show that weekend?

You see, managers and employees in the service and hospitality industries have very flexible jobs. They have to juggle many part-time employees and cover many types of shifts – and that makes the whole scheduling process very complicated and complex. They need to be able to adjust their schedule and they need to do it right away.

A trend that’s here to stay

Here at Planday, we see the need for a mobile scheduling solution every day.

Which one of our features do you think is the most popular among our customers? Yes, you’re right. Our mobile app. Our users can log into their shift schedule whenever, wherever, and it allows them to make necessary changes to the roster.

”I use the Planday mobile app almost all the time. It’s quite easy and I use it on-the-go when I want to swap shifts with someone or check the schedule.” William Weinert, bar manager at Hotel Babette Guldsmeden.

”All of my employees use it every day. They use it to check their shifts and find out who they are going to work with. They are really happy with it – and they always show up for work on time.” Fredrik Hiernar, restaurant manager at MASH.


So why are we not all using mobile scheduling by now?

There are many scheduling solutions out there and we think that many find it difficult to figure out which system to choose. They know they have a problem, but they don’t know what the solution is. After months of searching for an answer, the easiest choice is to create a schedule by hand. But it doesn’t solve anything – actually, it creates more problems.

We find that there are still many concerns about tech solutions; “I’m not skilled enough to implement a new IT system,” “Mobile scheduling is too complicated,” “I need an IT guy to implement it” and “I don’t want to put all of my data on the cloud, it’s not safe.” Well, all of these concerns are for nothing. The point of having an online and mobile scheduling tool is to make your work life easy. It’s to make administration and management collaborative. And everyone can use it.

Some insider info – are you surprised? 

In order for us to really tell you how huge the need for mobile scheduling is, we’d like to let you in on some insider knowledge.

We can see that our users log on to their Planday schedule via their app almost as many times as they log in via their computer. Besides that, 22% of the time, our users log on to their roster via a web browser on their phone. That piece of information screams MOBILE SCHEDULING WANTED. We have experienced this increase in mobile traffic in just one year. And we have therefore decided to go all in on this, working towards making Planday a 100% mobile employee scheduling tool. An online schedule is the present – a mobile schedule is the future.

So, what’s next? 

The survey from Software Advice reflects the reality that we here at Planday experience. In industries with lots of part-time workers, covering many different job functions, there is a huge need for a flexible, modern and easy way of handling their scheduling that fits the way they work.

Technology is evolving constantly and so is our need to work smarter. That is why Planday is releasing a new version of the scheduling app very soon, making it even more flexible for managers and employees to work together. We can’t wait to follow the mobile scheduling revolution and we hope you will join us on our mobile employee scheduling adventure.


Lisa Andersen
Lisa Andersen Content Editor
Part of Planday’s content team in Copenhagen, Lisa is into yoga and loves good writing. Her experience includes working with communication and PR for international grassroots organizations in Argentina and Bolivia.