And just like that, it’s a wrap on spring! These past few months, we have been bringing you a bunch of powerful updates to help you manage your teams even more efficiently and be ready to tackle the hot season 🍉

Here’s a recap of the most significant features that we’ve been adding to Planday – and remember, for an exhaustive view of delivered items, you can also consult our monthly Release Notes in the Help Centre.

Availability in Schedule

Summer is here and we’re thrilled to announce that the schedule is getting a cool upgrade to help you stay fully functional during the hot season.

In order to quickly identify who is available to pick up a shift, the schedule now displays each employee’s registered availability, for even faster and more efficient scheduling. Additionally, the information icon in the right hand corner of the shift cell allows you to quickly visualise any notes added by the employee without the need to click and open the actual shift!

Using a schedule template? Not to worry, if some of your team members have set themselves as unavailable and they get a shift assigned to them, a small icon with a thumbs down will appear on the shift to let you know that this is not the ideal person to choose.
Here’s to less time in the office and more basking in the sun!

The Help Centre lands on mobile

This spring we launched the Mobile Help Centre, accessed from the Account tab in the Planday mobile App. From here, employees and managers can find articles that answer the most commonly asked questions about the App in a more lightweight format than our manager-focused Web Help Centre. Mobile Help is the perfect place for introducing your employees to the App, cutting down the onboarding time for you as a manager. Over time we plan to add even more guides and FAQs, so keep an eye out for new content!
Please note: Mobile Help is only available in English at this time.

A quick overview of late punch-outs

The attendance widget of your overview page now displays a quick view of employees who are late to clock out from their shifts. Managers can use this to send a reminder to employees who forgot to punch out, or are accruing unapproved overtime, while employees have better control over their work-life balance. A round of applause for happier staff and better control of your business costs!

Our API gets an upgrade

Time & Cost API

You can now query Time and Cost endpoints from Planday, to create reports and statistics and have a better overview of your business activities. Extract data to track your employees’ work time and costs, view scheduled work time against actual work time or shift types’ hours and costs – all in your own system!

Punch Clock Breaks API

It is now possible to create and extract data from the punch clock break entries directly from the API. Get a list of all breaks for your employees or allow them to start and stop breaks from your system. Goodbye app switching!

You can access the Planday API by clicking right here. If you need help with setting it up, head this way.


And that’s not all – our superstar Engineering team has killed a bunch of bugs 🐛this quarter, and released many other features which you can read about in our monthly Release Notes.
Thanks for reading, and keep your eyes peeled for the next update!



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