One of the best ways of keeping your staff happy and content is by having an employee handbook securing proper working conditions. But how do you make sure you cover everything? Well, we have a great tip for you on how to make the process of creating the handbook quick and simple.

What to include?

Your restaurant employee handbook has two purposes: it functions as a training manual, meaning that if your staff has any questions about their employment or working procedures, they can simply open the handbook and find the answers. Thus, the handbook functions as a very efficient training tool for your employees. At the same time, it functions as a security net for you and your employees in case of any rift between you. Therefore, it should cover everything from appearance standards to attendance requirements. From customer service strategies to online behavior on social media platforms. From health and safety procedures to training possibilities.

But how do you make sure you cover everything? And how do you know what exactly to include?

You could try our free restaurant employee handbook template, thoroughly guiding you through every single step of the sections you need to have. All you have to do is to click right here or on the banner below.


Lisa Andersen
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