To turn your restaurant into a success, you have to stand out. And honestly, you don’t need to do a lot to make your place better than your local competitors’.

The most successful restaurants in the world have found the key in the details, and so can you. In the following, we will serve you four key focal points that can take your restaurant right to the top.

1) Focus on the interior

A good way to make your customers remember you is to emotionally take them away from their everyday life just for a while by having an interesting and inspiring décor. The Mock Turtle Tea-Room in Brighton, UK, does just that. Keeping the spirit of an old-fashioned tea-room, it takes you back to the 1930’s, when people treated themselves to a Sunday afternoon cream tea or a Victoria Sponge. Its blue walls are decorated with vintage plates and you sit at oddly shaped tables and chairs jammed into very small rooms making it almost impossible to move around – however, that fits very well with the vintage style. Focusing on the interior must be working – just take a look at these reviews. 

2) Focus on home-made food

Instead of putting emphasis on an adventurous interior, you can choose to focus on making the best food in town. A good idea is to go for a walk in your local area and find out, what is missing – restaurant-wise, that is. You can for example make home-made burger buns or create your own, signature salad dressing. A restaurant chain that found a gap in the market is the Danish American Steak House, MASH. They stick to their concept of only serving extremely well-matured meat in different variations – such as fillet, ribeye and tenderloin cooked to perfection. Check out how focusing entirely on the food made MASH a success.

3) Save money on a simple menu

To become a success, a good idea is to have a very simple, tasty menu. Grød (meaning ‘porridge’) is a restaurant in Copenhagen, Denmark, that only has about 12 different dishes to choose from on their menu – and the customers like the narrow selection. You can really benefit from cutting down on the number of meals and focusing 100% on making them delicious. And as a bonus, by cutting down on your menu, you save a lot of money on ingredients, waste and storage.

See why people like having to choose from a simple – but interesting – menu

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4) Share the management responsibility

If you want your restaurant to be a success, you need to put people in charge. You have to show your employees that you trust them and that you hired them to engage them in the development of the restaurant. If you delegate the responsibility in the kitchen and in the dining room, you nurse the talent you have in your staff, you motivate them and you make more time for yourself to take care of your growing business. And the final goal? – Well, happy employees mean happy customers which mean a successful restaurant.

Want to be better at managing your restaurant staff? Then read this article, “5 Tips on How to Manage Your Restaurant Staff.”

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