Our company values are important to us here at Planday, and we try to live by these values everyday. We are happy to partner with organizations and companies that believe in values similar to ours. That’s why we’re proud to partner with Autism Anglia, a charity organization that offers care and support to families who are affected by autism.

Planday will support Autism Anglia by participating in their Silly Sock Day fundraiser, which has raised over £25,000 for autism in the last seven years. As part of the Silly Sock Day fundraiser, Planday will be hosting a 5 km Fun Run for adults and 2.5 km Fun Run for kids on Amager Beach in Copenhagen to raise additional funds. So if you are in Copenhagen and are up for the Fun Run challenge, head here to learn more and register.


Autism Anglia uses Planday to keep things running smoothly 

Autism Anglia was started in the 1970s by families affected by autism. Their focus is to enable each person to realize their own strengths and abilities, personalizing their approach to each individual. Some of their service users like to have a regular plan for their week, so Autism Anglia uses Planday to make sure there are enough people on the schedule to meet these needs. Planday also helps service users who want more flexible hours to vary their weekly schedule. Using the Planday app, they can easily share the shifts that need to be covered. The fact that staff members can request specific shifts has changed the way Autism Anglia schedules:

“Our managers save days, even weeks of effort. Of course, spending less time on staffing means that our managers have much more time to develop better ways to support the other people in our care,” said Dave Taylor, Marketing & Communications Officer, Autism Anglia.

Lisa Andersen
Lisa Andersen Content Editor
Part of Planday’s content team in Copenhagen, Lisa is into yoga and loves good writing. Her experience includes working with communication and PR for international grassroots organizations in Argentina and Bolivia.