Green Day once said to wake them up when September ends – well, here it is! We have hit October, the leaves are changing and there’s a whole host of exciting product updates in Planday.

Here’s a look at a few of our favourites – but you can find the complete list of new features in our release notes.

Multi Shift Editing

Planday works harder so you don’t have to.

You might be running a busy restaurant balancing walk-ins and bookings with the number of staff you need on a Friday night. You may need to schedule workers in your cinema to make sure you’ve got the line-up for the new blockbuster covered, or cover the many shifts you have to look after the people in your care home. No matter where or why you’re scheduling people, we know it’s like a giant jigsaw puzzle.

You won’t always have the time to ‘edit’ and ‘accept’ people’s shifts one-by-one. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with rostering as life gets in the way. And sometimes more customers at the door means you need to be flexible and cover a shift yourself just to get the job done. 

That’s why our Multi Shift Editing feature lets you edit shifts in bulk by simply selecting them, changing the time, deleting and approving all in one click.

Deleting shifts is also easier from your schedule view. You just need to:

  • choose the shifts you’d like to delete
  • click on the trash icon at the bottom of your screen 
  • confirm it

Job done! 

Our ‘Edit’ function allows you to change the times of the selected shifts, or change the shift type. This will help you quickly tag training or sick leave and sort your schedule faster.

Multi Shift Editing not only saves you time. It also gives you quicker data to predict your scheduling costs so you can make smarter decisions. 

For more about Multi Shift Editing – and a video tutorial – take a look at our blog post here or visit the Help Centre.

New option for Templates


Planday aims to make scheduling easy. 

Templates are a great way to settle on the right shift pattern and repeat it, but with changes in seasons, so too can come changes in scheduling, especially if you’re in retail or hospitality.

What if your regular shift patterns need to change for a special event? Wouldn’t it be great to make a different schedule in advance, without messing up the regular shifts you already have in place?

That’s why we created a new option for templates.

With this new feature, you can keep existing shifts and add new shifts, as well as:

  • wipe everything clean and only use the shifts from the template
  • keep everything and add the template on top (note this may create conflicting shifts)
  • keep existing shifts (for days without shifts) and update (i.e. overwrite) the days with existing shifts

Now you can add shifts in the template to your schedule without making any changes to the existing days. Nothing gets lost. You just have more time to make your plan properly to conquer the change in scheduling with confidence.

(Please note that the new shifts might conflict with pre-existing shifts). 

If you’d like to know more about this new option for templates, check out our help centre article.

Employee management made even easier

Profile Pictures

When there’s a lot of people working shifts, there are a lot of faces and names to remember. Maybe you have students who only work once a week. Maybe you’ve just hired a big intake and need to onboard them quickly as you start to grow your business.

At Planday, we know a picture is worth a thousand words. And some people remember faces much better than names. So in this month’s update we add your employee’s pictures to the people section when they add one to their account.

It will make sorting people even easier, leaving your employees with only one thing to do… remember to smile! :-)

For more info on changing your Planday profile pic, have a read in our Help Centre article. 

My Managed Employees’ Toggle

Do your managers need to quickly filter staff by who is in their team or who reports to them? Sometimes it’s only someone from that team who can fill an open shift.

Now, managers can quickly filter through staff they are responsible for to make their planning and communication even easier with Planday.

Coming soon – what’s in the pipeline from Planday?

Xero Integration

Xero powers the payroll of millions of businesses around the world and our UK customers will soon have a brand new integration through the Planday platform. Stay tuned for more info!


Single Sign On

Soon we will rollout our freshly designed login screen to make signing into Planday super fast. This is especially important for our large customers so they can avoid queues of colleagues trying to access Planday from a shared device. 

This new sign-on page supports several platforms, allowing your team to log into Planday using credentials for the tools they already use and love.

Feature in focus: Cost of open shifts

By inputting the cost of open shifts into planning a new feature recently rolled out by Planday — this Copenhagen restaurant takes the guess-work out of catering a party, managing a busy restaurant, trying to get new customers through the door (and a pizzeria at another site) thanks to better visibility of staff costs and better tracking.

Read all about on The Planday Blog

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