In 2014, when Creandum invested in Planday, they kept a part of the investment open for the right co-investor. And that was Klaus Nyengaard, who worked hard to build and internationalise the takeaway concept Just-Eat. Planday will now use his experience to continue the growth.

Copenhagen, 12 March 2015: “Klaus Nyengaard has extensive knowledge of working with software-as-a-service (SaaS) products and of scaling an organisation through different phases – a knowledge from which we can benefit greatly. We find that there is a large and unmet demand among small and medium-sized businesses with a team of staff working very flexible hours to organise in a better way. Our goal is to become the globally leading company within employee scheduling and we want to reach an annual growth of 100%,” Christian Brøndum, CEO at Planday, says.

Planday’s software solution simplifies employee scheduling, shift swaps, HR and payroll. Today, the majority of small and medium-sized businesses handle these tasks on whiteboards or in spreadsheets. However, these ways of managing employees and administrative tasks are extremely time-consuming and even the smallest mistakes can be a costly affair as they often operate within very small margins. Planday has found their niche via a web-based solution which can be accessed both online and mobile. In this way, employees can easily swap shifts among themselves and the smooth work processes result in great competitive advantages.

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On paper, Klaus Nyengaard won’t play an active part on the board or in the management team. Instead, he will act as a sparring partner to Christian Brøndum and the rest of the management.

“We are well on the way to internationalise our company and we expect to enter into three to five new markets this year. Klaus Nyengaard has already been on that journey with Just-Eat, a company with great international success today. We want to be as successful at least. Even though we have a reasonable turnover and income, we can’t avoid the fact that we need more capital to grow continually. And for that, Klaus Nyengaard has a very good reputation among European investors,” Christian Brøndum adds.

Will dominate the market

After the sale of Just-Eat, Klaus Nyengaard has devoted some of his time to invest in promising tech companies. A common characteristic of these startups is that they deal with workflows and online work places, and Planday fits in there perfectly.

“When I invest, my minimum requirement for the company is that it has to have the potential to become the leader in Europe. Furthermore, it needs to have a highly qualified team and there has to be a good chemistry. And finally, I have to understand the industry. They are simple criteria – and they work. Planday is an interesting company with every prerequisite to become the paramount player within global employee scheduling. This was an opportunity I couldn’t pass on,” Klaus Nyengaard says.

Last year, as part of the growth strategy, Planday moved into a new office with twice as much space. Today, the company consists of 53 employees – of which 25 joined in 2014. And Christiaqn Brøndum expects to take on just as many in 2015. Today, more than 50,000 employees use Planday.

For more information, please contact:

Christian Brøndum, CEO Planday,, T: +45 22 10 71 96

About Planday

Planday has developed an online employee scheduling solution fitting every type of business relying on a flexible workforce such as restaurants, hotels, shops, call centres and fitness centres. Planday automates many of the time-consuming and manual work processes that many small and medium-sized businesses are struggling with. By putting everything online, including staffing needs, employees, work hour regulations and labor costs, the optimum work schedule can be made in a few minutes, and managers, employees and colleagues can communicate directly through an app. The employees can handle shift trading themselves, and they are always updated on news and changes to the schedule no matter where they are. Planday saves both customers and users time, money and frustrations. In 2012, 2013 and 2014, Planday was given the exclusive Gazelle award from the largest Danish business newspaper, Børsen, for their rapid growth. In 2014, Planday received capital from the well-known capital fund, Creandum.

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