Want to meet one of the people behind the Planday brand? Say hi to Andreas. He is our design magician, making a complex system simple to use and beautiful to look at. He will tell you what it takes to design a quality product – and reveal what Planday users can expect from the system in the future.

“So, UX designer… What does that mean?”

You know how you go to a website and you have absolutely no idea where you have to click to get the information you need? Or have you almost thrown your phone out the window because of the irony of an app not being mobile-friendly? Well, I am the guy who makes sure that Planday doesn’t go down that road.

UX stands for User Experience, meaning that I work on improving the design, look and feel of the system both on the web-based platform and in the mobile app, so the Planday users find scheduling and the rest of the features as easy as possible with a user-friendly and intuitive layout. I want them to have a vivid experience with a good-looking design. All in all, my job is completely focused on the users and their experience of navigating in the system.

“How do you know what the users want?”

I could spend my whole life in front of the computer, reading about trends online or checking out what the competitors do. But honestly, that doesn’t give me the feel of what our users want or need. So, one of the finest parts of my job is to go visit them.

When I’m next to them, I can observe how they use the system and through our conversations, I get to learn how they think and thereby what they need Planday’s design to be able to do.

“Is it important for you to talk to the users in person?”

Very much, yes. I find it extremely motivating and inspiring to get that kind of feedback from managers and employees. The feedback ensures that I can design a product that they can actually use. And that we can deliver something that no one else can.

Also, it’s among the users that I can truly see that Planday makes a difference. I can see how big of a workload is being taken off managers’ shoulders and how easy it is for the employees to use the scheduling features. It really does make a difference. And that motivates me to keep going.

“What makes Planday better than other scheduling solutions?”

Honestly, Planday is a really complex system, handling complex administrative hurdles. The brilliance of Planday lies in the fact that it overcomes those obstacles quite easily.

I think the beauty of Planday is that it can grow with our customers. Whether they expand with 1, 10 or 100 people, Planday is still as easy to use as before. HR, payroll, scheduling – everything still works. It’s a full-serviced package deal, really.

“So, what design features can the user expect in the future?”

Well, as mentioned earlier, my focus is constantly on the users’ experience. So I am working on optimizing that, making the scheduling feature better and easier both on the web and in the app. Also, we are going to work on building a stronger brand identity cleverly uniting all of the Planday platforms, features and values.

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